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Power Monitoring Outlet (NEO Smart Plug / Sonoff S31 or other options)

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    Power Monitoring Outlet (NEO Smart Plug / Sonoff S31 or other options)

    I want to setup a way to monitor if a bedside table lamp is turned on or off (at the actual twisting switch on the lamp itself). So I bought the NEO Smart Plug, Z-Wave Plug Outlet with Timing and Energy Monitoring ( and added it to my Z-wave network. Homeseer created 3 devices for the plug - the root device, a Power Management Notification device and a Switch device. The Switch device works properly turning the outlet ON/OFF via Z-wave. However, the Power Management Notification device has never changed even when all sorts of electrical loads have been run through the outlet. I checked to make sure Parameter 6 was set to "1" (power reporting enabled. Does anybody have any other suggestions on how to get the outlet reporting power changes?

    I also looked this board for other alternative smart outlets and there is a lot of discussion about the Sonoff S31, but I am not up for the soldering and flashing that seems to be required to integrate with Homeseer. Is there a way to integrate this plug without having to flash the outlet with new firmware.

    And finally, are there any other alternative outlets to the above switches you might recommend that will simply report if a device plugged into the outlet has been manually turned on/off?


    I don't have experience with the Neo Smart Plug, but based on this post it does sound like it's supported by HS. I would expect you to see other features (or child devices if on HS3) such as Watts, Volts, kWhours, etc. You might try rescanning to see if other features are created and if that doesn't work, exclude and reinclude.

    In any case, I don't think you'll find it tells you directly that the load is on or off. For this type of device you'll typically need an event that looks for, for example, Watts above/below a set value to decide whether the load is on or off.