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Creating Escape Room style automation using HomeSeer

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    Creating Escape Room style automation using HomeSeer

    I have two areas of great interest, home automation and puzzle design, that I've been thinking a lot about lately and how I might combine them. I love the idea of creating something like a secret bookcase door that can only be opened by moving a sculpture to a particular location on a nearby shelf. Or perhaps a cabinet door that only opens when three drawers are opened in a certain order. The list of escape room type of automations that seem like they should be possible goes on and on.

    There are lots of ways of doing this kind of thing with custom wiring with microcontrollers, but I think it would be interesting to try controlling the logic for this kind of thing using HomeSeer and some Z-Wave or WiFi devices. I wonder if anyone has done this kind of thing using HomeSeer before (perhaps in implementation of an actual commercial escape room?)

    In addition to ideas about how one might go about implementing the logic for this, I'm also very interested in what's available hardware-wise. Is there anything usable off-the-shelf? Or should I look into creating my own devices I can control?

    - Are there any good remote solenoid style latches for doors I can use? I've found things like this remote cabinet lock, but it needs its own touchpad controller:

    - There are lots of z-wave door/window sensors available, but are there any kind of RFID sensors I could use?

    - If I'm better off implementing my own custom devices, what's an easy starting point? Something like an Arduino or a Rasberry Pi? How hard is it to create a custom Z-Wave device?

    - What other kinds of devices might be fun/interesting to integrate in this kind of setup?

    - Is there an existing "maker" community for this kind of hacking?

    Check this out- could use any number of things to create conditions for an event...