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HS interface to YoLink LoRa hub for local control?

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    HS interface to YoLink LoRa hub for local control?

    Does anyone know of a way to interface with a YoLink hub to locally control their LoRa based devices? I have heard of some folks using Alexa as a bridge to control a HS virtual device. However, I'm looking for something that is local so that I would not have to use MyHS. The LoRa devices are interesting since I have several outbuildings that are beyond my wifi or z-wave network.

    Unfortunately Yolink has not provided a local API to access their hub. I would contact Yolink and let them know you want them to connect locally with major automation controllers. It would be interesting to hear back whether this is even on their roadmap or not.


      Have you considered The Things Network Network ( Not local, but not using MyHS.
      I have a couple of (hard to reach) devices utilizing LoRa through TTN and MQTT.

      For full local control you could set up a private The Things Stack (LoRa Network server) on a RasPi. or an instance.

      I like the TTN (cloud) since the gateways are transparent and my devices can use any TTN connected gateway.



        Would it be easier to extend your WiFi over LoRa and use a Z-Net type device in your out buildings? The advantage would be that it can give you WiFi access in your out buildings as well.

        Just a thought,

        Roger D


          I have had several communications with YoLink and have the impression that they will provide an API to the end device, but I'm still waiting. Currently they only have the API to their cloud server.

          I use LoRa for mailbox notification with a RS-232 interface to a EByte LoRa modem. 600 ft. through trees. Another option is a ESP32/Lora development board.

          I also use Unifi Nanostation with distance of about 1000 ft. At the remote site I use a small network switch to provide wired LAN connection to camera and RPi. This is the most flexible solution.