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Matter: Is there a HomeSeer technology roadmap or even a plan?

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    Originally posted by SirCJW View Post
    Need proof of this in the "real" world. I am still supporting SNA.
    Now this made me laugh! We just moved and I found my copy of the SNA Format and Protocols (FAP) reference manual in a long forgotten box!

    And speaking of moving, I standardized on Z-wave (about 50 nodes) for lighting, power, etc. in the new house and so far everything is behaving great. The battery powered sensors (including multi-sensors) don't seem to be particularly power hungry. HS4 on a Raspberry Pi handles everything with no problem and no delays.

    If Matter gains traction, then eventually those devices may work their way into my setup, likely displacing Z-wave devices in much the same way Z-wave devices replaced my X-10 stuff.

    P.S. I should probably change my username from scbuzz to ncbuzz now that the move is complete.