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Guidance on configuring SSL Secure Server on HS4 ZEE S2

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    Guidance on configuring SSL Secure Server on HS4 ZEE S2

    I've been a HomeSeer user for ~4 years now and recently decided to try to configure HTTPS/SSL on my HomeTroller Zee S2 V2 running HS4. I think I have a valid configuration, but the Zee S2 does not have an open 443 port and I don't see any web server or cert errors in logs. HomeSeer responded to a support case indicating the feature is in Beta (apparently for > 10 years) and therefore they don't provide direct support. I'm reaching out to the forum to see if anyone can point me in the right direction, or at least where to look for additional diagnostics/logs.

    My configuration is as follows:
    • HomeTroller Zee S2 running HS4 Version:
    • Setup>Labs>Enable SSL Secure Server = Checked
    • Setup>Labs>SSL Port = 443
    • Setup>Labs>SSL Cert Password = <set to server.pfx password>
    • server.pfx created with SSL Certs for my domain and loaded to /usr/local/HomeSeer
    • Setup>Network>Server Port = 80
    With this setup, there is no response on https://<server domain name>. A host scan shows that only port 80 is open (not 443).

    Is there anything special that is needed to get the SSL Server running on the Zee S2 / Raspberry Pi? Is there an existing forum post that can help guide this setup (I couldn't find one). I'm also wondering if I should be looking at a different set of logs. At the moment I'm just looking for feedback in the Tools>Log interface.

    Any pointers or suggestions would be appreciated.


    I gave up on this and ended up using nginx as a reverse-proxy. The feature has been in beta forever and I can't find any configuration instructions. The downside to this approach is that it breaks the utility.