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Power failure/breaker trip notifications

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    Power failure/breaker trip notifications

    I would like to be notified if a branch circuit breaker trips.

    I am hoping there is some way to sue an HS-WS200 or HS-WD200 to be notified if a branch circuit that normally powers that device has tripped?

    Any ideas on how to set this up in HS4? Something like every 1 to 5 minutes to poll the device and if it fails to respond after a number of attempts then to decide a breaker has tripped and (the easy part) send out an email notification.

    Is there a way to poll a device to see if it is presently readable and powered up?

    In an periodic Event, for a device(your HS_WS200) look for "Z-wave actions", then "Poll a device". Then simply set up an event looking for device to be "invalid or error state" and send your notification.
    Or simply set up an Event to trigger on the device changing to 'Invalid or error state".


      Am I correct that HS4 doesn't periodically poll a device, so if that device is not intentionally/explicitly operated, the status will not change to "invalid or error state" if the power fails...until at some indeterminate point HS4 actually tries to communicate with the device?

      That is, merely having an event that looks for "invalid or error state" might not trigger if that device isn't changes by HS4.

      Or, does HS4 periodically check in with each device?


        In a breaker/power fail I'm not sure the device has time to communicate back before the power is insufficient to do so. Try it and report back. Hs3-4 does not periodically poll so you have to.



          By default it doesn't poll most devices, however, you can set it to poll at any required interval.

          Is there a device that is already on the circuit you wish to monitor?

          If there is, then...

          Click on a child of the device
          Untick the checkbox for "Last Change Time Updates on Status Change Only"
          Goto the Z-Wave tab for the child and click on "Manage"
          Set the required polling interval

          Setup an event to check if the status has been updated within your (interval X 3.) In case it skips one or two.

          I use EasyTrigger for this. Do you by chance have this Plug-in?

          Roger D



            Forgot to mention, don't forget to limit the number of times it sends an email report otherwise it will notify you after every Event Trigger.

            Roger D


              We can file this in the category "Nothing is ever easy"...

              Polling doesn't seem to update the status...

              I set up a recurring event to pool a device using Z-Wave polling. I also manually ran it for good measure...

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 17.24.56.png
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              The results was still "No Status" on the device:
              Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 17.24.23.png
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              Notice that Status wasn't updates and some of the Child properties (devices) updates and others didn't and haven't for a long time.


                The Aeotec Smart Switch 6 does not, by default, have the same polling interval for all child devices. They are all configurable by Group.

                What happens if you only poll the "Volts"

                Roger D