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Windows 10 HS3 Auto Startup???

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    Windows 10 HS3 Auto Startup???

    Well, after all this time I upgraded my Win 7 system to Windows 10. Amazingly, HS3 was the only system that ported over perfectly and works great. Most every other piece of software I had, I had to reinstall, but that's over with now. And, poop, now M$ is coming out with Windows 11... Grrrrrr

    Question I have is, How do you get HS3 to auto-start when W10 reboots or signs on?
    • I've tried putting the shortcut into the Startup folder
    • Created a task in the task scheduler to start HS3 at Windows startup

    I'd rather not do the registry hack to put HS3 as a startup item because sometimes I'd rather have a quick workaround to bring a up clean Windows without HS3 and especially HSSentry starting and keeps restarting HS3 when I'm in the middle of something.

    So, am I doing something wrong? Is there special magic in Windows 10 to get HS3 to auto-start?


    Did you follow the Homeseer supported method? Should work with HS3 or 4.

    One thing that is not mentioned in the above is that the User account that Homeseer uses must be set to auto-logon when Windows starts up. You can still set a password for the User account.


      Yup, I tried that by doing a google search, but I'll go back and follow the HS instructions exactly and report back after I restart the system.
      And yes, the user is set to auto-login and it's password is in the auto-login registry. So the system starts right back on with the correct user. That works


        What happens if you run the Task in the Task Scheduler library manually, does it launch HS?


          TC1 Thanks loads man. I must have missed a step in the Windows instructions. Works fine now.