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Local Control Z-wave Thermostat Recommendation

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    Local Control Z-wave Thermostat Recommendation

    Is there a list of true z-wave thermostats that natively work with HS4?

    HS sells the Trane XR524 Z-Wave Thermostat

    I assume that means it is discovered like any other z-wave device and doesn't need a plugin?

    Is that true of other thermostats that state they are z-wave?

    You may have seen my other post...but dumping my Nest

    I used to have a Honeywell Zwave thermostat (early model, big green screen). It included like a normal zwave device, no plugin needed. I did need to find the pro installer guide to get the best use out of it. If I remember correctly, you could use schedules, or use zwave, but not both. They have a newer model out now. A year ago I got an Ecobee 3, it's wifi but works well with the plugin. I wanted a "newer" looking thermostat with more features.


      IMO the one of the best Z-wave thermostats ever made was the Radio Thermostat CT101

      Why? It is superior to the CT100 that was widely sold in that it also functioned as an independent 7-day programmable thermostat that would work whether you have it added to a Z-wave network or not, which is great if decide to move and don;t want to remove the thermostats for the next owner.

      Oh, and they are the only ones I've ever found that could run completely on batteries and last over a year without draining them. Of course if you have a C-wire at the thermostat then they can just run from that. I ran one from the C-wire and the 2nd floor from batteries.

      And I happen to have two in mint condition for sale
      The only reason is that I moved up to EcoBees because my utility company was giving a great deal/rebates. And I personally like the EcoBee learning algorithms.

      Click image for larger version

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        KevB & TC1 - Thanks!

        I'm a bit torn between zwave only or a dependable one that uses IP. I hate "cloud" anything, but as long as it's 100% responsive ...speed is not an issue for these and that would give me two ways to access if for some reason my HS4 went down while traveling.

        I "had" events that controlled it based on outside temps for my Nest that were destroyed when I factory reset my Nest. I'd probably use those vs schedules...but I've had it with what Google did to Nest.