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ZXT-120 and mode/setpoints

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    ZXT-120 and mode/setpoints

    I´ve included the Remotec ZXT-120 to my HS4, and here the device shows up with several child devices, including individual temperature setpoints for cooling, heating, drying, away. It is the cooling and heating that are of interest to me.

    I also know that most heatpump remotes send a full telegram with all operational settings every time something is pressed at the remote, hence so does the ZXT-120.

    So, I have the following scenario(showing only relevant info): Heating setpoint=20, mode=heating
    In the HS cooling setpoint menu I submit the value 19, and the heat pump responds with a pip which means that a telegram is received.
    I can see that the mode=heating is unchanged in HS.

    So my question is then what is sent in the telegram? Basically, is the heatpump now heating or cooling at 19degC?

    Just realized that my old Sensibo can decode remote controller I spun it up and tested the scenario in the initial post. The heat pump will cool down to 19degC.
    I did additional test, and can conclude that submitting values to the heat and cool setpoint child device will include the corresponding mode setting in the telegram.