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I’m fed up with Insteon switches. What are some other options?

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    I’m fed up with Insteon switches. What are some other options?

    I’d like to explain how I setup my Insteon dimmer switches, which you can program (with a hub like the ISY) to control the load of the switch in terms of brightness and ramp rate. It also allows you to create scenes, so that one switch will control other Insteon switches brightness and ramp rate (and the brightness LEDs on those switches).

    For example, say I have (all traditional, wired circuits)

    2 switches in a 3/way circuit that control Family Room spotlight
    1 switch controls Reading spotlight
    1 switch controls Accent spotlight

    I replaced both of the Family Room switches with Insteon Dimmers. One is connected to the load (FRload), another is just acting as a “slave” (FRslave). Both Reading and Accent spotlights were replaced with Insteon Dimmers (RDload) (ACload).

    I used the ISY to program single presses on FRload and FRslave to turn on the Family Room spotlight at 80% and ramped up in 4 seconds. Both the switches LED showed a brightness of 80% and ramped up in 4 seconds. Additionally, the Reading turned on to 75% at 4 seconds and the Accent to 50% at 4 seconds.

    I also used the ISY to program Reading and Accent switches to turn themselves and each other on at 90% each at 2 seconds.

    I’m interested in being able to use another type of switches, like Zwave enabled that you can program them with a hub but not require the hub to always be available. While I certainly want to use a hub to send scene commands, I don’t want the switches to have to call the hub to call the other switches.

    Is there anything like this available?

    Have you considered UPB? The switches are more expensive than Insteon or Z-wave, but also more capable - and definitely more independent of a "hub". They will continue to function normally independent of an external automation program (like HS, for example), but can be fully integrated into HS (while retaining their ability to function independently when needed).
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      I will be interested to see what you end up deciding on as a replacement for Insteon. I have a very large Insteon installation and have been wondering what the best upgrade would be. I use Insteon in ways very similiar to you so the direct associations in Z-Wave looked like the best match to the way Insteon functions without a hub or controller but I have other concerns about that protocol.

      Unfortunately I don't feel any current alternatetive provides enough of an advantage to justify switching at this time. My main requirements to justify an upgrade are:

      1 No cloud dependency.

      2 Must operate below 2.4 GHz... preferably well below. 2.4 GHz is already way too crowded with the proliferation of Wi-Fi devices plus a lot of things that have lost access to UHF spectrum, like wireless microphones, are moving to 2.4. Plus the fact the range and penetration suck at frequencies that high. 900 MHz works much better and something down in the 430 MHz range would be even better. (This is why Lutron Clear Connect is such a reliable protocol.)

      3 No mesh protocols. The flexibility of Insteon comes from the simplicity of using broadcasts instead of routing and having every device be a repeater (I think Clear Connect operates that way also but I don't have any Lutron stuff so I'm not certain about the repeating). There are plenty of posts on here about folks using Z-Wave trying to make a simple change to their system and jumping through hoops to get the system to to re-optimize or fix a routing problem. I think the instuctions in Hubitat even talk about taking multiple days to install switches in a new Z-Wave installation so things near the hub can optimize before you to try to add devices further away. Are you freaking kidding me? I don't plan to allow any technology multiple days to sort itself out.

      4 Must work well with color bulbs. Color bulbs and adjustable color temperature bulbs are the future so any technology that will not accomodate them is already a dead end (which is one of the reasons to move on from Insteon). I want to be able to not only control on/off/dim/bright from a switch but also have some basic control over color or color temperature. Hue switches are a good example of practical color control from a wall switch using scenes.

      5 Switches must fit standard decora wall plates and be able to be ganged with other switches. This rules out Hue. Inovelli supposedly was going to provide a way to do this with Z-Wave but the promised bulbs and dimmer switches have been out of stock for months and months and...

      6 Switches must be reasonably sized to work in tight retrofit situations as my house is very old. This is a deal breaker for UPB which only seems to come in giant industrial size devices.

      7 Must have a local API that somebody could write a Homeseer plugin for. This rules out otherwise excellent protocols like Yolinks LoRa implementation.

      8 Must proactively report status to a controller (local operation) and be fast enough that a rebooted controller can query the status of a couple of hundred devices within a 2-3 minute window. There is no excuse for a protocol that takes a casual attitude about maintining status sync with a controller.

      I'm hoping the best successor to Insteon will reveal itself soon but so far I'm not seeing any compelling alternatives.