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    This discussion is some what similar to some previous thoughts on using cheap VOX FRS radios to do voice communications with the home control system. Could be as you move about the house, or if you are within some reasonable range of the house, such as in the yard, by the pool, etc..
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      Mine should be here Soon.

      question, have you had any problems with the AC powering the transmitters?

      Have you had any problems with static or anything like phone interference?

      You have the receiver plugged directly into your mic in on your sound card correct?

      So if you have two people in two rooms with both mics on, will both mics send commands?


        Which mic are you using to plugin to this transmitter?
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          I already hid one mic in a plant in the living room, and have had good results just using the mic that came with the package within about 10 feet. But that was just a test, and I will switch the mic that came with it with a better quality "whole room" mic.
          I am going to try the $10 PA-3 mic, the same one you have I think.....(Indebth discussion of the PA-3 here) That is Line Impediance. It should work ok, as there is a volume control on the transmitter to lower/reduce the signal input. The wallwart that I powered the PA-3 with died just before Christmas, and I have yet to get another one. Soon as I do I will try that out in couple with the transmitter and let you know the results.
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            Test of the Microphone.

            I figgured the best way to let people hear the quality and pickup of this microphone, was to record a test sample. For this test, the microphone (the lapel mic in the kit) and receiver were hidden from sight in a plant in the corner of my living room. I positioned myself 10 feet from the mic and recorded the test sample attached. I know the sample sounds like I am very close to the mic, but I can assure you that I was 10 feet away from it when recording the test.

            Doing a bit of further testing, I do not see the need to use any other mic, than the one that was included with the package. I was able to issue commands to HS from anywhere in the room, even doing so in a much softer than normal voice. Using a normal speaking voice, I was able to issue commands perfectly from the back of the kitchen (25 feet or so away from where the mic was hidden!).

            The 0nly drawback, is the mic is so sensative, that it will falase trigger if the TV or stereo are on, or with normal conversation. I will set it up with an appliance module to power the transmitter, and use a palm pad or some other trigger to activate the mic when I wish to speak to the system. This is however the case with just about any microphone, even the very best noise canceling microphones.

            Sorry, the board will not take a .wav or .mp3, so I had to zip it up
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              Do you have to repeat the commands several times. The recording sounds "hollow" and I'm curious as to the success rate of the VR.

              Also is computergeeks a fly by night site? It seems to be down a lot.
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                Rupp, The sound I am getting from that mic, is the same quality that I am getting from the PA-3 mic I have here. In fact the PA-3 on my system has more "hiss" or noise on the high end of the spectrum. Yes, it does sound a bit hollow, but my VR has worked VERY well with it. I maby have had to repeat myself 1 out of 50 times, it is working that welll for me. Again, with a lot of noise in the room it is a different story, as with any VR sollution. And again, you can plug any mic that you want into the receiver using the 1/8" jack if you dont like the quality of the one provided with it.

                As for CompuGeeks, I have never had a problem with the site being down when I go to it, so I cant help you there.

                I can say that I have ordered 10 or more products from their site over the past few months, and they immediately send a receipt, followed by another email with a tracking number as soon as it's shipped, and they always arrive packed in a professional manner (Bubble Wrap, Foam blankets, popcorn ect) with their name branded on the boxes. I could care less about the name of the company branded on the box, but it shows they are not some small mom & pop operation buying boxes from U-Haul or something

                On another note, all of the products you see on their site, are stocked in their warehouse. That alone says quite a bit concidering the sheer number of products they carry! I know this, as there was an item with just one left, and I called to ask a few questions about it and purchased it. The rep put me on hold, for like 5 minutes, and went to get the item, so they could answer some of my questions. Now thats good customer service, and I wound up buying it. When I went to their site after the phone call, the item was listed as "out of stock", and it arrived here 3 days later with just standard UPS ground shipping.

                Check out their "About Us" info on their site, its pretty impressive. Looks like they have been in business since 1994.

                Just looking at their site, there is another pretty good deal A motorized USB webcam with 355 Degrees of paning (virtually full circle), thats far more than the Ninjas can pan. It's going for $35.
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                  I've bought from compugeeks - no problem - bit of spam though.

                  What is being done here is very similar to my 900mhz RS intercoms. I control them with the almost quiet SH appliance modules triggered by the same motion dectectors that turn on the lights.

                  Two of them won't work well at the same time, hence the appliance modules. The one closer to the computer will work if they are all on, but not as well.

                  They don't false during tv or conversations, and I can even issue commands with the TV at a low volume. (I ususally pause the tivo.)

                  The falsing is a function of the MS SR settings and the level of training. The volume level that is input into the computer is the MOST CRITICAL setting involved. It needs to be lower than one would think given the green bar in Control Panel/Speech. I use line in on the sound card, and I tricked XP into leaving the volume alone by using the "Microphone setup wizard" and speaking VERY softly. I don't think that will work on the microphone input. I control the input volume on the receiving unit.

                  I like 900MHZ vs. FM for quality. Minor soldering on the intercoms is involved - otherwise you would have to manually turn them on. (I bridged each side of the talk button with a piece of wire so that they come on in the talk mode.) I also bypassed the speaker on the receiving unit and attached a mini plug to the pc's sound card.

                  But they are $69.95 a pair - $59.95 on sale - hardly $9.95. And after you pay the new prices for plugins (which I won't), I suspect the WAF will only leave $9.95.

                  Happy New Year!


                  P.S. That recording sounds pretty good - certainly good enough for MS's limited VR.
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                    Another cool deal IMO

                    Check out this Wireless video security system


                    1.The TV has video outs to output to your external source.

                    2. Its wireless.

                    3. Night time LEDs. With infrared detection.

                    4. Also does SOUND.

                    All for under 40 bucks. I should order two more...

                    I also ordered another MIC giving me a total of 4.
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                      Thanks for the link guys. Looks good and they do ship International!

                      Anyone from the UK used them?
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                        My new wireless mics arrived, good news... and bad..

                        Well I opened my three new wireless mics and was able to do some voice training and was extremely happy with the sound quality and reliability of the devices. I was able to go out and buy the RECOTON wall warts to replace the batteries.

                        First problem I ran into was that the DC converter would not power the receiver at 1.5 volts. I after an hour or so of trial and error got it to work at 3.0 volts. For some reason I had to bump up the voltage. Worked great and so far no reaction to the increased voltage. Most importantly no AC line interference.

                        However, the MICS themselves are a different story. When I used the DC converters with the mics I have a terrible hum that keeps the VR from working. There maybe a filter capacitor that I can buy to remedy this. JOHNWPB, Did you not experience this when you set yours up? If not what wall warts are you using?

                        Right now I am using the 9v battery and just turning it on to talk then turning it off when I am finished. Hopefully I can resolve the hum problem.

                        Overall I am pleased with the quality for the 10 dollar price. Its better than most wireless mics that I have attempted through out the years and for the price I suggest buying them.



                          dcjohnston: Actually I have not taken the time to get wallwarts for the mic's yet. It is just another thing on my "to do at sometime" list.

                          I hope that one of the electronics gutu's here can chime in and offer some advice as far as filtering the 9v wallwart for the transmitter. As this will definately be something I am going to also need in the near future to make this all work. I would immagine we need some sort of capacitor, similar to those used on a car stereo to filter out the noise, just on a smaller scale and voltage.
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                            All wall-warts are not created equal.

                            First, make sure the wall-wart is DC. Second, an unregulated wall wart may or may not (probably not) have a filter. If you get a regulated one, it would be filtered.

                            How do you tell the difference between a regulated and unregulated wall-wart? Beats me.


                              Anyone else

                              I am thinking of trying to run a ground wire from the ground terminal of the 9volt battery to the ground of the power outlet.

                              Not being an electrician I am hoping this can be done safely. But before i do anyone have any experience.


                                Where did you guys find the adapter to go from that giant phono plug to a smaller sound card plug?
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