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FANTASTIC Deal on a Wireless Mic

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    Starting my quest today.

    I hope to have a regulated one tonight to try out. I will report back.

    Also the mics that come with the system are very inferior to a good desktop mic IMO. I found that the VR using a simple desktop mic improved VR from a distance by about 50%.



      Regulated vs. Filtered

      I found out today that what we need is a filtered AC adapter. It was discussed that we needed a regulated but that is not the case. A filtered adapter is designed to keep line noise out of the appliance being powered.

      Radio Shack has a few so I will let you know what I find out.




        Radio Shack had a filtered and regulated wal wart. Well more like a Wall Fist. THis thing is huge. Works like a charm. I got the 3-12 Volt 800ma power adapter. It says that its regulated and filtered right on the box. Make sure it is at least filtered.

        I got zero noise on the mic so Im good to go.

        A couple of things, if you can get a smaller filtered adapter get it. Also the prongs are keyed so it does not work with an appliance module directly. I am going to use an extension cord to allow it to work with x10.

        VR is finally doable in Daves house. Good work JohnWPB for finding the deal.




          Thanks for the research and the update. My mics should be here Friday and I already needed a trip to RS.

          Wifey thinks it's wierd that the lights turn themselves on and off. Just wait until the house starts listening and talking... mwahahahahaha...


            Well I meant my purchase to be for HomeSeer, but you never know!

            A friend of mine is doing a documentary on a musician, and had to shoot some footage at a lecture he was giving this evening. My friend is a photographer for the Palm Beach Post newspaper, and does not a lot of audio/video equiptment & He borrowed a High-end Mini DV camera. Problem was, they would not allow us to tie into the audio system at the convention hall. I brought the mic along tonight, we wired the speaker up with the included lapel mic, and it worked fantastic! We just went back to his studio and reviewed some of the footage and the audio was rich and very clear! Looks like this mic has already payed for itself, and I just ordered 3 more.

            Thanks for the heads up on the wall "fist" at Radio Shack. I will have to get a couple of those to power the mics in other rooms through an apliance module for switching.
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              So are you guys wall warting the transmitter or the receiver or both. The transmitter is easy enough to flip the button on and off. It's that dang little receiver that eats the batteries.
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                Havent done it yet, but I am gonna wall-wart both of em. The transmitter is easy with the 9v plug, either getting the opposite and "pluggin in" or snipping the wires. The receiver is another story, as a bit of creative soldering will be needed.

                How good is your VR working with the setup Rupp? I have had really good luck with the lapel mic. I remember the audio sample I uploaded, you thought it sounded a bit hollow. Are you using the included mic, or a different one?
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                  Wall warting both ....

                  From my previous post.

                  "First problem I ran into was that the DC converter would not power the receiver at 1.5 volts. I after an hour or so of trial and error got it to work at 3.0 volts. For some reason I had to bump up the voltage. Worked great and so far no reaction to the increased voltage. Most importantly no AC line interference."

                  Bottom line the Recoton adapter from Best Buy that I was using for some reason needed to output 3 volts instead of 1.5 in order to power the Mic receiver. It has been working fine now for a week or so. So no problems pumping up the voltage so far.

                  Overall I am now complete. Keep in mind that two mics CANNOT be used at the same time. So if you walk into a room and another mic is on somewhere else then you will have problems. Keep that in mind with Mic placement strategy.

                  Still a complete 4 room VR wireless mic system for under a hundred bucks cant be beat.



                    As far as the mics that come with the set....

                    They work fine. However just playing around the other night I found a mic that came with an old computer. A simple no frills desktop mic. I plugged it in and got about an extra 5 feet away and got great VR.

                    I am wondering if the wire that attaches to the transmitter is acting as an antenna of some sort. Either way I replaced the included mics with the desktop mics and life is better.


                      The VR works pretty good. I wasn't getting any hits until I trained the VR a bit. After 2 training sessions it works better but VR isn't all that usable for me because I can't remember all of the phrases needed for all the stuff. I did set an event to mute the TV during commercials and that works pretty good but I'm getting less than a day from the receiver without changing batteries so I have to do something.
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                        regulated vs filtered

                        Originally posted by dcjohnston
                        It was discussed that we needed a regulated but that is not the case.
                        I think I caused that confusion. What I said was that a regulated wall-wart WILL be filtered, whereas an unregulated one is unlikely to be filtered.

                        What you need is a filtered wall-wart, and the easiest way to get that by buying a regulated wall-wart. Just to add to the confusion . . .


                          Wallwart for receiver

                          I went out and bought the same AC-to-DC Adapter at Radio Shack. How did you connect your adapter to the receiver? I snipped the wires on the adapter, opend the case on the receiver and soldered them directly to the battery connections, maintaining proper polarity. With the switch at 3V I am not getting clear results. What's your secret?

                          I have a second receiver I can play with in case soldering wasn't to right thing to do.

                          Update. Since I had a second receiver, I moved the switch on the Adapter to 4.5V figuring I had nothing to loose - and now the light on the receiver is solid green and I am getting good, clear reception. I don't understand how a 1.5V battery works but I needed 4.5V from a Wallwart to get the same results? I hope nothing burns up.
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                            You have to bump up the voltage

                            Yea, I have had mine at well over 1.5 volts for over a week now and its working like a charm. You should be good to go.

                            A couple more things I learned this week. Unless you get the following AC to DC adapter : 3-12 Volt 800ma power adapter from Radio Shack you will have line hum. The adapter must be both filtered and regulated.

                            I bought a few JUST filtered 9V adapters and they have more hum than a bee.

                            Also, it looks like there are Green LED and Red LED mics. Of the four I bought I have 3 Reds and one Green LED mics. The Green LED mic will not work with my Red LED receiver.

                            I have not tested but I think I have the ability to use a Green and Red Mic at the same time. This will require a mixer of some sort to allow the use of both receivers, but it will also allow me to use two mics at one time.
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                              and yet it looks like another variation. different mic yet the receiver looks the same.



                                Is this the correct Radio Shack part number?

                                3-12VDC/800mA Regulated AC-to-DC Adapter
                                Catalog #: 273-1667

                                It only says 'regulated' so I want to be sure.