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FANTASTIC Deal on a Wireless Mic

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    I will check when I get home.....

    Mine has the words "Regulated and filtered" on the box it came in. When I get home I will post the exact model number.

    It is critical for the use of the mics that you get the correct one.



      Wall Wart of choice

      Catalog number 273-1667. Got it OTC from Radio Shack.


        Just saw this.... hope its not a repost.



          I think that link was what started this whole thread


            They are sold out!

            I wonder if they are going to get more?


              Looks like they have more

              It now says "In stock and ready to ship". I guess they found more.


                I just got mine...

                Originally posted by Stuart
                and yet it looks like another variation. different mic yet the receiver looks the same.
                I ordered the original mic from this thread and also the above. Got the above mic today. It is about FOOT LONG with the antenna attached. It is made VERY well. VERY sturdy and easy to hold. ...if not a bit on the heavy side. It transmits on the same frequency as the original mic, but on this mic the receiver is made beefier and just looks like it is better quality. The transmission rage is similar to the original mike. The quality (Most of the time) is as good or better than the original mic IMHO. It DOES have one very annoying issue and that is, if you touch the mic to your face it will dork up the signal and cause some buzzing. It will also do thiis if the mic is turned just right when nearly out of range of the receiver. Other than that I am very pleased. I'm not sure how I am going to use it yet, but for $8 it was tough to go wrong...



                  BTW - if you use the promotional code of "ultimatecoupons" you get 10% off your order. This makes the mikes $8.91 each.

                  Just ordered two.

                  Steve C.


                    Better external antenna?

                    Hey All,

                    I hooked one of these up and realized I need a LOT more distance than what they are capable of (from the receiver to the transmitter).

                    Its about 60+ feet from my PC in the basement to the transmitter upstairs in the kitchen. So its not only distance, but I'm also going through walls and floors and such. It worked great in my basement, but when I went upstairs all I got was static.

                    What distance do you guys get from the transmitter to the receiver?

                    I could mount the receiver upstairs somewhere, but then I'd have to run the line-level output back down to my PC in the basement and that's probably not going to work well either. (And kind of defeats the purpose of wireless)

                    Any suggestions for boosting the signal strength? Just add 10 feet of wire to the antenna and string it across my basement ceiling?


                    Steve C.


                      Batteries don't last on receiver

                      Bought 3 of these and really want to test in my Homeseer trial Media Center system but receiver AAA battery doesn't last but a day. After reading this post, I bought the recommended Radio Shack "regulated and filtered" power supply for the mike. Went back to Radio Shack and bought 1.5v 700mA #273-1752 and soldered power +/- to proper battery tabs on receiver. Mike won't power up. Meter shows 1.7vdc and polarity correct.

                      Anybody got a clue what is wrong??? Disconnected wallwart and put fresh battery back in receiver, and it works. So I didn't fry the receiver. Just don't understand why I can get receiver powered from 1.5v wallwart.




                        What I meant to say, is "receiver" won't power up from 1.5v wallwart. Sorry for the typo.



                          Sorry..... Don't know how I missed the previous page that recommended using 4.5v to power the receiver. Guess I'm going to be a regular at Radio Shack now.

                          One more thing. Any more feedback on best way to set up multiple rooms with 3 mikes and only 1 receiver???? Understand when more than 1 mike is on, nothing works.


                            I know what you mean. I had the same problem. I am powering the receiver at 4.5V. That's 3 times what the internal battery would provide. For some reason, it just won't work with an external 1.5V.

                            The good news is that I have the RS Filtered transformer and it is voltage selectable.

                            I found that it is safe to run it at 4.5V. It's been 3 months now with no problems.

                            (I posted this a few seconds too late)
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                              3 months? That is good. I was concerned about 4.5v and toasting the receiver, and starting a fire...... (I'm paranoid that way).

                              I was testing these mikes last weekend, and they worked great except that the battery in the receiver didn't even last for the whole day. (I solved my distance dilemma listed in a previous post).

                              Everyone seems to agree that a regulated/filtered power supply is required for the transmitter, but is that necessary also for the receiver?

                              I realize I'm sounding real cheap, but at this point $16 vs. an old wallwart I might have laying around sounds attractive for the receiving end.

                              On a side note - I've been trying to train the VR to recognize both my voice (45 year old guy) and my daughters (12 year old girl). Its been a struggle but I don't want to hijack this thread. Once I get the wallwarts installed I'll post something about my success (failure?)

                              Steve C.


                                Using multiple wireless mikes

                                Well, after getting (3) of these wireless mikes, I really haven't seen much on finding an easy way to monitor all 3 at the same time for VR commands (when they're all on the same freq...mine are all tagged "green").

                                Anyway, after playing with a couple of these, I found that both the receiver and transmitter have what appears to me a freq tunning pot on each. It can be seen easily on the receiver (to left of status light). On transmitter, you need to remove the belt clip to expose the cover screw on the back. Remove cover and you can see tunning pot on board. I was able to re-tune a second set to allow me to turn on 2nd mike transmitter without affecting the "running" #1 mike hooked to my HS computer. I turned the transmitter pot a little until the receiver status light went out. Then I turned the receiver pot until I got status again. I have not hooked up to PC yet for fine tunning.

                                Seems like you can re-tune any many sets as you'd like, then connect the multiple receivers to (1) mic mixer connected to mike input of PC. Should provide the ability to monitor as many wireless locations as you'd like without setting up elaborate transmitter switching.

                                Now all I need to do is find a cheap mixer to connect to my PC to really test this (Rupp, know of any great deals out there?). What I think would be great about this setup, is that I should be able to use the same Radio Shack wal-wart to power all (3) receivers. Not bad considering they go for almost $20 each with tax.

                                Also, while I was waiting for my wife to pick up the "regulated & filtered) receiver wal-wart, I did hook up an old one I found in the garage that must have come from some other device I of those little black ones. This one was 4.5v @ 600mA. Anyway, it did work and there was a little hum at the receiver, but somehow I don't think the hum was enough to affect VR. Won't get a chance to test it though, because my wife showed up with the Radio Shack wal-wart and I went ahead an used it.