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Control Homeseer from Network PC

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    Control Homeseer from Network PC

    I am trying to control homeseer on my server from a network client PC using a command line interface. The web interface would not be feasible for what i am trying to do (assin a cmd line to a meedio button on the client).

    is this possible?

    I thought it may be using seerserver, but it appears that this application is now not working with the newer versions of homeseer, Support on that forum has also not been forthcoming.

    Are there any plugins / applications or workarounds that anybody can suggest to enable me to do what i though was a fairly easy task (i.e. turn a lamp on from a command line sent from a clinet pc to the homeseer pc)?

    Thanks for any help.

    See the Command Line download on this page.


      I may not be totally understanding your setup or objectives, but I'll give it a try with 3 solution approaches. 1. psexec; 2. hsCommander; 3.xap/xpl

      Computer A (Homseer Server) and Computer B (Client) are on the same LAN.
      Computer B runs a DOS (command line) user interface
      Computer B wants to control Homeseer devices

      If this is the case then the simpliest solution is to use psexec from to execute something on a remote computer. As an example to show concept, but the syntax is all wrong

      Script File:

      Set hs = CreateObject("Homeseer.Application")
      hs.ExecX10 "A5","ON"

      Command Line on ComputerB
      psexec "c:\program files\Homeseer\Scripts\TurnOnLight.vbs","ComputerB"

      Do a search on this board for hsCommander. It is a client/server application pair that allows Computer B to issue homeseer commands to computer A. I'm guesing this is probably the solution you are seeking. It can be downloaded at

      There are also a generalized solution for distributed/remote computing such as xap or xpl. From a scripting/command line environment the xapax.ocx control from will be used to send the message per xap protocol to Homeseer that is running the xap plugin.
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        What OS is your network client machine running? If it is running windows, then there are one or two very simple workarounds to do anything on your homeseer machine that can be done via a mouse click in a brouser.
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          win xp pro


            HSC only works on the HS computer doesn't it?
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              The simplest workaround is to use the default brouser on the client machine to do the communication. You can right click on a button/url and copy it, then put in a command line situation (I use batch files) to have the brouser load the url. The first time the batch is run, the default brouser will open and do the request. The command processor will continue to use this open brouser instance for further request. It can be minimized on the desktop (attached jpg) and put out of the way in the corner. I use another simple application called dhttp (attached) to do the same thing with out having to use the default brouser. The below batch files will aim my pan/tilt cam toward the window or toward the drinking bird. You can make them on your desktop, double click them, and move my cam. The below link shows another use of the dhttp application for saving images from a webcam. These may or may not be of use depending on just what is desired to be done from your client computer. It should work for simple things like turning lights on and off.


              @echo off

              @echo off

              @echo off

              @echo off
              Attached Files
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                Thanks for all the responses!

                I liked the last suggestion, as i think it would work best with my system.

                Could you bit a little more specific (sorry, Im a complete numpty) about;

                1. I assume I would have to create a batch file that would run a comand on the server (the homeseer local machine) to turn off the light (B1). What code would this batch file contain (yes, i really am that new to all of this)?

                2. I would then need to create a new batch file on my htpc machine (the client) and map that to a button in meedio (that is easy). That batch file would contain dhttp (command)<COMMAND>, where command was the address to run the server side batch file (created in step 1 above). Okay, I get that (I think).

                Thanks for any help



                  come to think of it, you are probably right. I am so used to using MainLobby server to transfer commands from a client to the HS server that it becomes invisible to me.
                  Too fast a post is what I think



                    Thanks ever so mucj for all the input.

                    I downloaded HS Commander, and it did the job for me - no messy windows to play with, just nice simple batch files with function calls. HSC works on the server, but there is a client application that accompanies it (a seperate download, but it does exist), which can interface to it over ip and UDP.

                    Cheers for al the help, my problem is resolved!


                      Quick answers:
                      1. Nothing should need to be changed on your homeseer machine if it is already setup to turnoff the light (B1) via a mouse click on a web page (put the cursor over the clickable button/link, right click, and click "copy shortcut"). This is what you would use in your batch file on the client machine. If you don't have a webpage already setup, then you would set homeseer to act on the "get" request as if there were a web page.

                      2. Not sure what meedio is, but yes, you have some application or somebody on your client machine run the batch file. This setup is mainly for an unattended client machine that needs a server to do something. This is just a low tech way to have one computer tell another computer to do things using http.
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                        Also if you are using the Message Server Plug in, this can be done easily. This will also allow you to send parameters from a form. So in turn you could have a form field on a web page that asks for input, when you click submit, it will send the command that is in that form field to any machine on the network.

                        Of course you can also send hard coded commands, by just creating a page full of buttons to send the commands you want.

                        For instance, I have a script, upon caller ID received, launches a command line picture viewer, and passes the parameters to each connected network machine, and displays the person calling on all machines on the network.

                        It is really flexible, and can do just about anytying on a remote machine, or the HS server that you could want. You could use this to remotely send commands to SeerServer on the HS machine.
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                        Created with LCARS


                          HS Commander


                          How did you get the HS Commander Client to work?

                          What files did you put where?

                          I have tried but I keep getting an error to do with a log that can't be made. The exact wording escapes me as I am at work right now.

                          Tim Warner