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iSurpass Z-Wave Wall Reader / Z-Wave Keypad

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    iSurpass Z-Wave Wall Reader / Z-Wave Keypad

    Hello HomeSeer Community,

    I have searched for months trying to find a z-wave keypad to integrate into one of my systems. I have a coffee shop that has tons of Z-Wave and HomeSeer products, however I needed a way to trigger a z-wave event based on this device unlocking the door. I have other coffee shops that use the traditional Schlage door locks, and when someone enters the code in the morning, it shuts off the alarm and turns on the lights. Unfortunately because this particular shop doesn't have the same style door, I needed a keypad. I finally found this: It works exactly as I need it to, with a couple drawbacks. I can add and remove codes up to 30 (there are 200+ if HS received the same information, I can lock and unlock the keypad, and I can view the status only if controlled through HS. If a user enters a code it doesn't update the status, and I can't see the history or notification of what the last user that entered a code. If anyone could use this type of product to trigger events, use for a vacation home, or another business, please help by posting a reply so HS can get this device and add full support for it. Thanks HS community!


    I hope your project is up to your expectation.
    Just curious, is it working as you expected, no glitches, delays etc?

    I have Kantech door access system and im thinking of switching to HS.

    Best Regards


      Seems pretty but looking at the wiring, with the normal open and closed contacts coming right out of the keypad, wouldn't it be rather simple to just pull the pad off the wall and just hot wire the door to open?


        I have sent email to technical people at factory for more info.

        That doesn't sound right. Should be Z-Wave communication to the HS and then HS turns relay of some kind to energize door strike to open the door. Might be one option for direct control, but not to be used where security is required.
        I have Kantech RFID reader at mu home. It uses RS485 protocol. No wires that lead to door strike.

        At least in my experience.



          Looks like something I could use, but...

          It says cloud based - do you know if a cloud connection is required, or can it be run locally?

          I'm also not sure what to make of this in the instructions, sounds... interesting:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Wall Pad Instructions.PNG
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            ive wanted something like this to replace my garage door keypad. did you buy one yet?
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