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    Originally posted by mulu View Post
    I only have 8" tablets on the wall so this screen might be a bit small. I am thinking of doing something like that, though. It wouldn't be controlled by HS but programmed into the thermostat assuming my thermostat allows programming over z-wave.
    I have 14", 10", and 8" tablets. That screen is totally functional on all of them.

    Even our cell phones (mostly 5" screens) are usable - as long as one isn't walking and trying to hit a button at the same time

    The challenging part was figuring out an efficient way to program 56 possible setpoint changes via HSTouch.




        Originally posted by kellermix View Post
        Ecobee was just bought by Generac (the generator company):

        While the $770M sounds large, other news reports said that amount was dependent on Ecobee meeting certain sales targets, so it could be much less. As late as October, they had been in conversations with a SPAC to go public because of Amazon's backing: , however since then Amazon announced a $60 thermostat, so clearly Amazon is now aiming to compete with them. I wonder if that was a surprise to them given the SPAC talk.

        They had laid off 10% of the workforce last year, and haven't released a new product in over two years, while Nest continues to dominate the space. Amazon's low cost $60 entry will further compress the market even more, so they likely had issues raising a new investment round given Amazon's decision to compete with them rather than acquire them.

        So I am not sure you would want to invest in Ecobee until their future in the new company is clarified. Hopefully they will get new capital and bring out some new products, but it could easily go the other way. We'll have to see if their existing employees were screwed by the transaction the way Eero's were when Amazon bought them. Hopefully not!