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    Originally posted by glt
    That was not funny. I'm serious.

    No you're not and, it was funny.
    I think...


      Well you can all relax, no chance of that happening -- this year.

      Rich lost his usual limit as well. Actually, I did not lose to my limit as there really was not much time left for gambling if I wanted to appear awake at the trade show... I don't normally play the one-armed bandits, but while waiting for someone a couple of times I played, and I actually won - twice! It was when I played my usual game of craps that I lost my winnings...

      To give you some idea of the schedule.... We arrived on Tuesday and had a few hours left of setup time available, but we spent that trying to find our booth! Turns out the night shift took half a trailer of stuff and just dumped it somewhere and did not tell anybody, and the paperwork was never to be found either. We were actually scouring the entire south hall looking for our stuff and when we found it, we found the booth parts for several other exhibitors at the same time. That pretty much wiped out that night. All day Wednesday and into the late night was taken up with setup, and that was due to our not getting the tables we ordered (which equipment had to go on), did not get the furniture, and did not get electricity turned on until long after lunch.

      The show runs 9AM to 6PM on Thursday and then there was a TechHome reception in our exhibit area that kept us there until 7:30-8ish. After dinner, we were all too exhausted to do much else. Friday had the same show hours, but then we were finalists for the G4 TechTV awards so we had the awards presentation and press event that started before the show ended and went until 7:30PM. By the time we got our equipment back into our booth and put back together (had to take it to the G4 TTV thing) it was around 8:30. After dinner, not much time again since we have to meet for breakfast at 7:30AM each day. Saturday was the first day that had nothing planned after the show ended at 6PM, but that night we did make plans for dinner and a show that kept us away from the tables yet again... You get the idea... When the show ends, you then have to wait until GES Freight Gods determine that you are worthy to have your booth boxes/crates before you can begin packing and get them ready to be shipped out. At some shows, it takes as much as 4 hours to get them!

      So.... If you are ever envious of somebody going to a tradeshow to exhibit, don't be - it is a lot of hard work! (Complicated by the cold that Mark got just as he arrived and that I started showing signs of on Friday.)

      Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


        Yes, you looked pretty wiped out when I saw you on Saturday!

        Just wanted to thank you again for the time you and the gang spent with me (on Thursday)!

        **** Do You "Cocoon"? ****