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Teething problems with zwave network and aeotec zstick

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    Teething problems with zwave network and aeotec zstick

    Apologies, I posted this in the wrong subforum so have reposted it here. If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.

    i am in the process of setting up a zwave network for a client and am having a couple of issues that I can not diagnose. In the network there are about 25 nodes that have finally been included albeit after some didn’t include properly at first. What I have found is that occasionally when I send an on command to a node 90% of the time it responds immediately however 10% of the time it may take 10 seconds to respond. Each node has about 8 neighbours and when I do a connectivity test most of the time the test completes very quickly without any node being unresponsive. The second issue that is driving me crazy is this. I am using Fibaro multi sensors and sometimes they are not reporting motion even though I can see that they have detected motion by looking at the Led on the actual unit. Could this be an inclusion error or a library error?

    I have the same setup at my home and have had 0 issues with any of my devices. The only difference is that:
    1. There is a zwave warning about the zwave library of my adotec smart stick gen 5 in the log. My home uses zwave library version 3.9x and the new a-stock uses 4.74 I think. Can this cause issues and if so how would I fix it.
    2. Homeseer is running in a docker but I have not noticed anything in the log to suggest this is responsible for any error.
    3. A few devices did not include correctly so I included them by simply removing the z-stick and using the smart stick button before getting homeseer to scan for new devices on the stick.

    If all the child nodes are included in homeseer and the node responds to the test node connectivity ping is there any reason to think that I would need to exclude and reinclude a node. I really don’t want to have to start from scratch on the inclusion. For reference I did not take any of the nodes out of the back boxes when I included them and simply started with the nodes that were closest to the server. All nodes are zwave plus so I was under the impression that being in direct communication with the z-stick for inclusion was no longer required.

    Please help as I want the customer to be as happy as I am with homeseer and zwave.
    Thanks in advance guys.

    Regarding your first point, I'm running an Aeotec Gen5plus stick (ZW090-A) with both secure and unsecure devices and have no zwave issues - very stable. Lib Version is 4.54.

    Platform is HS4 on Win10


      Thanks for the reply. Hopefully that rules that out.