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Z-Wave Motion Sensors - not detecting motion

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    Z-Wave Motion Sensors - not detecting motion

    Several years ago I purchased Dome motion sensors which have worked flawlessly until one of them stopped.

    A lot of sensors seem to be backordered (including HS) but I managed to buy an Aeotec multi sensor on Amazon. I couldn't get it to work. Then I bought a couple of these NEO sensors (they look like the Dome sensors). Also, no luck.

    In all cases, I'm able to include them in my network (HS4). All of the child nodes are created. I get temperature, light, etc. notifications in my HS log. But they are not detecting motion. They may one time right after I've included them but then nothing. I've tried excluding/re-including, resetting to factory settings and including them. I've even tried to play with some of the custom parameters. I'm really at a loss.

    It seems like it has to be user error since I'm having the same issue with all three.

    Any ideas?

    What is the model number of the device?

    Roger D


      So I've tried 3 motion sensors each from different manufacturers. They all get included in HS fine, child devices created, etc. They'll trigger motion but then won't sometimes for quite a while (many minutes). The light is blinking on the sensor, indicating that it senses motion. I set the parameters to retrigger at 2 seconds. I tried doing a factory reset on all of them.

      Also, I mistakenly removed a motion sensor that had been working fine for years from my interface. When I added it back, it's doing the same thing. The light blinks but HS will only occasionally she that motion was detected. I wonder if it's a setting in HS4...I haven't added motion sensors to my interfaces in quite some time before now.

      This particular sensor is a Dome DMMS1 but I also tried Fibaro.


        Do you have any options to remove dead nodes and repair network?.

        *** What interface do you use? ZNET of Stick?

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          I removed dead nodes and optimized the network. Didn't see any options for repair. Still having the same problem. I'll keep playing around with it.


            Some multi sensors have a parameter you must set to enable motion sensing--have you checked that?


              Yes, thanks. It's sensing motion but not re-triggering like it should. It is retriggering but sometimes takes many minutes. I have the parameter set to 5 seconds. The red bulb blinks on the actual sensor indicating that motion was sensed but it's not showing up in HS. I know it has to be some setting or something. I've tried 3 different sensors from 3 different manufacturers. I get the same experience. But the motion sensors I've had as part of my system for years work's only on the newly added ones I'm getting this problem. I tried to remove bad nodes and optimize network. I think I'll give up...maybe try Zigbee.