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    Creating events

    I have not created an event for some time now due to many recent issues with zwave and the HS4. I figured I give it some time to settle down.

    I moved a few devices today which affected some of my events. When I went to fix them up, I reselected some switches but it only allows me to pick the root. Where did the child go?

    Also going to devices and viewing the settings for each device, it usually displays the name, room and location etc... Now it shows programming gibberish. I can't even rename the devices now.

    I left Hubitat thinking Homeseer would be a far more mature product over Hubitat. At first this did feel like it, but I'm wondering now if this is so. The recent releases seems so buggy.

    Any help that I am doing something wrong? I'm on 4.2.5 and zwave 3.0.8.
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    I am using HS and Zwave and everything is displaying correctly. In Events, the child device or Feature is displayed in a list below the root, it is not a separate dropdown as before. I have no idea about the device page, maybe contact support.