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UK Energy monitoring with SMET2 Smart Meter

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    UK Energy monitoring with SMET2 Smart Meter

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to get a more accurate way of energy monitoring in my home. I've got solar panels, so looking to turn devices on when I have excess power being generated by my solar PV array.

    I've tried using the current cost envi meter which clamps around the cable, but this isn't very accurate.

    What the best way to get Realtime energy usage? I belive the SMETS2 meter which I'm using uses a secure version of ZIGBEE for it's comms??

    Looking forward to hearing your clever ideas.



    There are several energy monitoring devices available which are much better than the current cost.

    If you only want to monitor 2 feeds the Emonpi is a good option, if somewhat pricey. It has the advantage that it has its own EmonCMS data logger, so you can see historical data. Although the unit only has 2 inputs it will accept data from other sources. Mine takes data from 2 Iotawatts a Brultech gem and a few other things.I prefer the Iotawatt out of these monitoring devices.

    This post on the OEM forum has some information about smart meter data https://community.openenergymonitor....erface/11813/3

    A smart meter HAN - Home Area Network uses the Zigbee smart home wireless networking standard, however it seems to use a different ‘profile’ to most other uses of Zigbee and this I believe prevents directly accessing it.
    There are some dedicated devices that use the same ZigBee Smart Energy 2.0 profile and hence can in theory connect. (This may or may not be restricted by the energy and meter supplier.) An example is this one 130
    These connect to the HAN using Zigbee and then convert the data to a form that can be accessed over your home LAN. (RainForest have their own API for this.)
    In fact this type of device has its own abbreviation which is CAD - Consumer Access Device. You may be familiar with some smart meter devices which provide associated device with an LCD display you can view in real time on your table, these are called IHD - In Home Display devices and also use the same HAN. In fact some IHD devices now also have CAD capabilities as well. See - 66
    Issues to be aware of.
    SMETS1 and SMETS2 are obviously different. Some IHD/CAD devices may only support SMETS1 others may support both.
    I believe that whilst the most common radio frequency for Zigbee is 2.4GHz that some SMETS meters may use different frequencies e.g. 868MHz. This is because these alternate frequencies have a longer range and with meters often being hidden away in a cupboard or even outside the house the greater range can be vital. Obviously you need to be compatible in this respect as well.


      I use the Shelly EM to monitor power usage and solar PV production. That seems to be working well. It also uses clamps, 1 for PV the other one for the power drawn from the grid. Its wifi, and I use the AK Shelly PI to get it into HS4. Its low cost (ish) and for me its perfect
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