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    Event Challenge

    Could use some knowledge from smart people. I am trying to restrict this event to only trigger between sunset and sunrise. I am utilizing the MyQ plugin. Please be gentle, I'm still in rehabilitation for my second brain tumor.

    I can think of three ways.

    1 - repeat the trigger with Or If
    If [trigger]
    And If the time is before sunrise

    Or If [trigger]
    And If the time is after sunset

    2 - create a schedule in EasyTrigger that starts at sunset and ends at sunrise the next day
    use the schedule as a condition

    3 - create a virtual device
    in two separate events turn the virtual device on at sunset and off at sunrise
    use the status of the VD as a condition
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      AND IF The Time is Nighttime (after sunset, before sunrise) Click image for larger version

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        Kevb, thanks - looks like we have a WINNER here. I will give this a spin today/night but its lookin.


          Hope it works for you, happy to help


            I use Uncle Michaels third choice (using a virtual switch to define night, with events that turn it on or off at sunset or sunrise).

            Why? Because then I can adjust the start time a little bit should I want to define night starting a little earlier or later than the actual sunrise or sunset.

            And most useful, can manually set the night virtual switch during the daytime when I want to test the functionality (and not be left in the dark while testing).