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This event won't run correctly after a HS3 restart until it is edited

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  • George
    Is it possible that it might never finish before continuing? Just thinking. To debug, would it hurt to take out the command to finish and/or the allow one instance to see if that might fix it? Also, I'd uncheck the Do Not Log Event so you can see if it actually is triggering every minute.

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  • This event won't run correctly after a HS3 restart until it is edited

    I've been living with this puzzler for a while and am curious if anyone else has had a similar problem. The below event runs after restart, but the first "Then" script line never runs the hs.SetDeviceValueByRef() until I edit the line. Usually I just remove or add the spaces after the commas. The full immediate command is

    &nIf(((hs.DeviceValue(1928) And (2^0)) > 0), hs.SetDeviceValueByRef(1929, hs.DeviceValue(1887), True), False)

    I know it's something specific to this immediate script command because there are 2 events that have the same syntax, but operate on different devices, and neither will execute after a restart until I edit the immediate script, even just adding or removing spaces.

    Anyone ever run into something like this? It only bugs me naturally, right after a restart.

    BTW, no errors are logged, just no changes to device id 1929, which should occur once a minute.

    Click image for larger version

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