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  • Pete
    Been using Arc / CEC for a few years now with AVR and 7.2 wired speakers.

    Wired here with one HDMI ARC from TV to AVR. Plugged in Kodi STB and Satellite STB directly to TV. The KODI STB streams / records from two HD Homerun boxes and now recording IP streams. What is nice is that when playing back a media file via KODI you can see info on the multiple streams and types of streams playing back. I cannot do this with the AVR.

    Always testing my configuration and have had issues playing Dolby Atmos.

    Main TV / AVR configuration is (wired)
    1 - two powered subwoofers (hidden)
    2 - two tower front speakers and one middle speaker (older JBL towers and have flipped on the center speaker from JBL to Bose).
    3 - two middle rear and two rear speakers

    wired from the basement up. Difficult though with high ceilings Front speakers are at ground level and rear speakers are up around 8 feet of a 20 foot ceiling.

    Found a bunch of test files here:

    Dolby Test files

    Really best enjoyment of a movie is via sound and video and not just video with a central sound bar.

    I have tweaked down the subwoofers as it is low on the WAF when everything shakes in the house during movie playback.

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  • Eman
    started a topic About Audio/Video

    About Audio/Video

    ARC and eARC Explained - An Awesome Feature That You're Probably Not Using (HDMI CEC)