I don't know how to modify a prior post topic. So here goes again.
Linux CPU usage > 100% - again.
Linux CPU usage > 100% - it' back. Grrrrrrrr. I even regressed from .6 to .5 and disabled more plugins. How best to find the culprit? I'm stumped.

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Date/time=11/17/2021 9:44:57 AM EST
Version=HS4 Standard Edition (Linux)
MONO Version=Mono JIT compiler version (tarball Mon Feb 22 17:33:15 UTC 2021)

Confguration File=/usr/local/HomeSeer/Data/HomeSeerData.json
Uptime=0 Days 1 Hour 9 Minutes 37 Seconds
Lan IP= (lenovo-homeseer)
Device Count=804
Event Count=137
Plugins Enabled=drhsIpPlugIn:,IR Plugin:,rnbWeather:,Big5HS4:,UPBSpud:,BLLED:,AK Weather:,SonyTV:,UltraTivo3:,EasyTrigger:,Z-Wave:,BLBackup:
Modules/Threads=118 Modules, 99 Threads
Available Threads=397
HomeSeer Memory Used=255 Mbytes
Plugins Installed=AK Weather,Big5HS4,BLBackup,BLLED,BLOccupied,BLRussound,Device History,drhsIpPlugIn,EasyTrigger,IR Plugin,OMNI,RaspberryIO,rnbWeather,SDJ-Health,SonyTV,UltraTivo3 3.0.7956.26531,UPBSpud,weatherXML,Z-Wave,Z-Wave UI