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Zen17 input switches

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    Zen17 input switches

    I have a Zooz Zen17 relay.

    It has 2 sets of input contacts for 2 switches. (can also be used with 12-24 v DC/AC). And 2 output relays. Short the input - it closes the output.

    According to the documentation, you can separate the inputs and the outputs so you can monitor the IN, without controlling the OUT. Parameter 10 set to 0.

    So I have questions about 2 things.

    1) Setting Para 10 to zero does nothing. The input still controls the output.

    2) The device in HS4 only shows the 2 output relays. So there's nothing there to monitor the inputs, even if the setting worked.

    Anyone have experience with this device?

    Running HS4. ZWave plugin 3.0.70.

    Solved it.

    Set parameter 2 to a value of 7, which is 'open/close alert'. Then exclude device'. Re-include device and the input child now is there.

    But, the input was still driving the output. Setting Parameter 10 to 0 disconnected the IN from the OUT. So it's now 2 inputs you can monitor. And 2 output contact closures you can control.

    Parameters 3 and 11 do the same thing for input 2 and output 2.

    My plan for this is to use for a garage door opener. Sensors and Relays all in one device.

    Using 2 magnetic sensors which create a contact closure, I can determine of the door is UP or DOWN. The sensors connected to the 2 inputs of the Zen17.

    I can control the output relay to 'push' the door open/close button with whatever logic I want based on the up/down status of the door.