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    Shutdown Unifi cloudkey

    Hello all ,

    Unifi stuff all around my house , including the cloud key gen1. Some weeks ago I had an electricity blackout which destroyed all the data on the cloudkey, was quite annoying an costed a lot of time getting everything back online. I have read the cloudkey must always be gracefully shutdown before disconnecting power.

    Since then I have connected the cloudkey to my UPS which is also connected to the Homeseer windows 10 computer with the BLUPS plugin.

    What I would also like is to be able to shutdown the cloudkey when the battery of the UPS is getting low.

    Does anyone know a script or a command how to shutdown the cloudkey?
    (I am using the sirmeili unifi plugin although it doesn't matter I think for my question.)

    Many thanks, Cornelis

    I don't believe it is possible with the Cloud Key 1 hardware. All you can do is set the database to auto backup. I also use WinSCP to download the database backup files from the SD card ( /srv/unifi/data/backup folder ) to my PC.



      I can't offer a direct solution to your question, but an alternative to consider. I previously used a CK1 on one of my networks and eventually moved Unifi controller to my HS server (Windows). For my purposes I've not lost any functionality and I find administration simpler. You may have specific reason the CK is necessary for your setup, but thought I'd offer the suggestion.


        Wade : is that the program which runs under windows 10? I had that initially , but that wasn't working how it should be , if I remember well , there was a conflict somewhere , hence I bought the cloud key.

        jon00, I will have to do the same...

        I was hoping there was a way to automate this , like with winscp, files can be transferred automatically , maybe with putty something similar for sending commands.



          Originally posted by Corvl1 View Post
          Wade : is that the program which runs under windows 10?
          Yes. I have it running on the same Windows 10 Pro box with HS4 at 2 locations. I've not experienced any issues.


            If you plan to stay on the CK gen1, I would suggest regular backups on the microSD card.