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What is the best way to scan for a device that has an unknown status?

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    What is the best way to scan for a device that has an unknown status?

    Greetings and Happy New Year All!

    Occasionally one or two of my Z-Wave devices will fail to report its status and will show up as Unknown with a value of zero.

    What is the best way to scan for any Z-Wave device that is in this state and then poll that device for its status?

    I'd be set if EasyTrigger had a "If any device in this group has a Status of..." but I think that is the one thing that ET currently is unable to do.


    Roger D


    What does your Z-Wave Advanced tab show for that device as it's value. A lot of times that it shows up as unknown is that there is not a status pair or a single value for that value in the Advanced tab. I've found, by trial and error, that my Kwikset lock was going into Unknown for no real reason. Then found out it was happening when my wife was manually unlocking the door by the inside lever. Once I added that value to the Status Graphics page as "Unlocked by Lever" voilĂ  the unknowns went away.

    Then again, most probably in your case, an unknown will also occur if you have a Z-Wave device that can't be reached after a command. I've found that these generally happen when I pre-configure some switches or modules, test them (hunky dory) then take them off of my test rig. Everything is just fine, they show up in their last known state, unless I accidentally (or some event, script) presses a control to turn it off or on. As it's no longer in the network (no power) HS will show unknown with a value of 0. Which I surmise is what you are seeing.
    • Does the device have power? If so,
    • Does it work manually? If so,
    • I assume that Test Connectivity fails
      • If so then a Audit this Node won't work either.
    • Try to go into the Node via the Node section in the Z-Wave plugin
    • Look at the command route.
    • Does it at all seem optimal or maybe have a device in it that you possibly removed or powered off?
    • Set the command route to a device that you know is working and is rather close to the one that's not working.
    • Rescan the node and/or now do a test connectivity.
    • Does it now work and found?

    I had a wall light dimmer that stopped responding. Before I went into the exclude/include mess, I tried the above and, as if by magic, the plugin found the dimmer again and it's been all well since then.

    If setting a valid neighbor path in the nodes section and it doesn't work (try a couple, mine happened to be a close AEOTEC 7 Repeater).

    If none of the above work.
    • Do a Test Connectivity on the device
    • Followed immediately with a Remove Bad Node, Remove bad node won't work unless preceded by a Test Connectivity.
    • Try to do an include node right after and activate the device include function (The plugin will remember the devices MAC(sp) address and should use the same node number)
    • If that doesn't work then do an Exclude Node in the plugin
    • Activate the device's exclude/include function
    • It should give you a message that the device has been excluded.
    • Now, right away, go back into Include Node and re-add the device.
    • Again, hopefully you'll get the same node number back
    • But if excluded and included, you'll have to live with a new ref number and have to fix your scripts and events.
    So I'd try method number one of manually added the command path in the node if it was found to be unreachable. This way the device is never removed and a new one did not have to be created resulting in a new reference id. Nodes can be reused, but reference ID's cannot. That's why I try everything to salvage the device so I don't have to hunt down and try to divine what the device really was in an Event being that it's now a ghost and every other device in the same Control list after it has also been trashed. Another reason I don't use multiple devices in a Control a Device list. I just hit + and keep adding a new Control a Device Then line.

    Ok, done with thesis, let me know if any of this makes sense or PM me and we can chat on the phone.

    We probably should chat if you want to continue to pursue the IR/ZWave project.