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Advice to simplfy events if able

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    Advice to simplfy events if able

    Looking for some advice for best way or alternative suggestions. I pretty much have what seems to be working, but it is based on multiple small individual events.

    Currently I have 20 contact window sensors. I have created an event for each contact sensor to check if the window is open when it is 11pm and to push it to my mobile phone.

    Is there a way to use, say, easytrigger to group all 20 contact sensors and perform the following logic.
    Review group of contact sensors and report out ALL contact sensors that is open at 11pm.


    Another logic query example that I am potentially looking to reduce individual events is:
    Combine a group of 10 water leak sensors and as soon as any leak sensor is detected, report out the leaking sensor via mobile phone.

    If the best reliability is sticking with individual events for each device, then so be it, but just looking to see if they can be combined to reduce events. I obviously also have a lack of understanding using what I believe are called gloval variables for the device names, values etc.. I'm not much of a coder, so I am hoping to find solutions via events rather than scripts etc... and enhance my skills creating more advanced events. Thanks!