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Organizing multiple Raspberries Pi

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    Organizing multiple Raspberries Pi

    I use several RPi laying around in a very disorganized manner.

    Does anyone have experience organizing multiple Pis and willing to share it.

    Mounting rack, common power supply, KVM switch, cables ?


    A lot of it depends on what you have available to organize with. There are multi pi 19"rack kits if you have a rack available.


      Here is my custom setup, which can hold 3 Pi's with POE hats and SSDs.

      I also made a standalone rack mount for the pi
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        I found a guy online that 3D printed me a 1U to hold 6 RPis

        Click image for larger version

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          The PIs that I use are for Z-wave (Z-net 1), Zigbee (Con-bee 1), Digital IO (HS plugin 1), and MCSMQTT (bluetooth Beacons- 3). I also have one in the generator outside the home to do redundant backups.

          I thus have them very spread out around the house for spacial separation on purpose. I run a recurring script to ping them every 5 minutes or so, and if they go dead I either reboot them manually or take action. Requires someone to be at the house.

          If I have a service(s) I would like to run, I put them on my Linux Vm or their own VM. Maintaining a ESXi machine is far easier to maintain than 10 RPis. For example, I run an MQTT broker and the Homebridge plugin on the same Linux VM. I can take a snapshot of that and backup the entire machine rather easily....
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