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zHome Plus 5.1 now available

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    zHome Plus 5.1 now available

    We have just released version 5.1 of our iOS app that works with HomeSeer 3 and HomeSeer 4. Our 5.0 version brought many new features including Geo Fencing for custom scenes created with zHome Plus, as well as many bug fixes and performance improvements.

    Our 5.1 update now brings modifiers that can be applied to your custom scenes including Day of Week, Time of Day, and isDaylight or isDark. With these modifiers you can restrict the actions of a zHome Custom Scene to only execute when the modifiers are true. You can use Day of Week in conjunction with either Time of Day or the isDayLight / isDark modifiers. You can select how you want the Daylight option to determine when you configure the Scene Solar Setup. Here you can select from Official, Civil, Nautical, or Astronomical times for sunrise / sunset. We show you what the sunrise / sunset times are for each of those options when you configure this is settings. You will see the sunrise / sunset times for each of those options for the current day as you are setting them. They will adjust themselves daily based on this criteria.

    If a scene has been restricted you will have the option of overriding the modifiers when directly requesting a zHome Custom scene to execute.

    Our Geofencing will let you set a custom scene to be executed on entry or exit of the fence area you define.

    As always zHome Plus is NOT a subscription app. We provide a free 7 day trial of the app and after the trial you will have the option to purchase zHome Plus. There is no automatically billing or subscription that you have to deal with.

    Version 5.1 also brings some custom control windows for your Sonos devices and JowiHue lights. We have additional updates coming to improve the integration with these plug ins as well as others.

    If you have any problems or need assistance please contact us. Many of the features that we continue to add to zHome Plus are driven by our users. Tell us what you want and we will take a look at bringing new features to our app.


    I have just updated to the new release of ZHome Plus Version 5.1 and I have created a series of videos that describe the changes... These are live video recordings, so it is exactly as I see it without any editing or during. The last video, zHome Plus 5.1 Update, is a longer video and the first one I did and the other four are short videos addressing the enhancements that have been included in this release. I am part of the limited beta testers and therefore, I have had exposure to the changes that were coming. I have only done this for an iPhone but the ZHome Plus license covers iOS, iPads, and MacOS versions of the applications.

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