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Touch interface wakeup on presence

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    Touch interface wakeup on presence

    I have an ecobee thermostat and like how it is blank unless I get close to it and would like to know is something exists which replicates this and is a dedicated controller of some sort. It could run HSTouch, z-wave, send MQTT messages, etc. I am not looking for something such as the Google displays which require some interaction to get to controls. I want it to be as easy as walking to a light switch, but having customizable interaction. Not looking for physical buttons.

    I think I could make something and already have code to customize what an Arduino does when physical buttons are pressed. It uses MQTT to redefine "scenes" run from various momentary switches. These scenes can do a combination of controlling relays and sending MQTT messages. I could change this up to create a touch version but am hoping for an off the shelf unit.

    Any ideas?
    Karl S
    HS4Pro on Windows 10
    1070 Devices
    56 Z-Wave Nodes
    104 Events
    HSTouch Clients: 3 Android, 1 iOS
    Google Home: 3 Mini units, 1 Pair Audios, 2 Displays

    Years ago used the locally present wired occupancy sensor or PIR to enable the wall mounted Homeseer touchscreen. Today the wired Omnitouch screens are off unless I touch them and the Homeseer tabletop touchscreens are in screen saver mode (flip clock). Been using Windows touch screens with Jon00's remote control management utility.

    In house #2 implementing all Tasmota and MQTT stuff. Today you can create a tiny ESP Tasmota device with a small PIR in it and use MQTT for your stuff very easily.
    - Pete

    Auto mator
    Homeseer 3 Pro - (Linux) - Ubuntu 18.04/W7e 64 bit Intel Haswell CPU 16Gb

    HS4 Pro - Ubuntu 22.04 / Lenova Tiny M900 / 32Gb Ram
    HSTouch on Intel tabletop tablets (Jogglers) - Asus AIO - Windows 11

    X10, UPB, Zigbee, ZWave and Wifi MQTT automation-Tasmota-Espurna. OmniPro 2, Russound zoned audio, Alexa, Cheaper RFID, W800 and Home Assistant


      I use a motion detector that is part of my ELK-M1 alarm system, connected to HS4. When it sees motion in the Kitchen, it uses Tasker to send a notification to the tablet in my kitchen that uses tasker to turn on the screen.