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Ecolink 700 Siren/Notification Integeation

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    Ecolink 700 Siren/Notification Integeation

    I purchased and brought in to my HS3 system a new Ecolink 700 Siren ( It has a lot of neat features. Homeseer recognizes it and I can script with it.

    However, I have two questions that I cannot figure out the answer to:

    1. There are 30 basic sounds. With an SD Card, you can replace the original 30 and add 70 new ones for up to 100 sounds using WAV files. The problem is that I cannot figure out how to access them in Homeseer. I added a status value, but it did not seem to work.Trying to figure out how to access sounds above 30.

    2. I also want to try an access the Indicator Command Class. There is options for controlling the LED and canned sounds. Mostly I am interested in controlling the LED. However in the implementation, there is no way to set the Indicator V1 Set Mapping.

    Anyone know any information?


    Did you ever get your Ecolink siren working the way you want? I have an Aeotec siren that I'm very unhappy with and was looking at the Ecolink as a replacement.
    My use is mostly for motion activated door sounds.


      I have this Ecolink siren also and have been very happy with it, never a problem with HS and events triggering sounds. I have not tried the two customizations you asked about. But regarding your "#1" question I notice in my Sound Control feature on the siren it looks like they add 1000 to the sound number stored in the siren. Like below. This may mean your new status/control values start with 1031. Curious if you find that works.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	54.5 KB ID:	1600890


        I have it working with the stock sounds. It does the job (sounding when our out side gates to the backyard and pool are opened). I am about to try again to get the additional sounds and visual indicators working.

        I am going to need to dig into how homeseer looks at the device. Part of why I did not do anything with it last year was I was waiting to upgrade to HS4. I have done so, so I am now willing to start working on it.



          Great please post back if you learn anything interesting.

          One question for you since you mentioned outside gates. I have the same situation with gates and backyard pool. Curious what sensors are you using on the gates?


            Its kind of convoluted.

            I am using two Honeywell 5816OD tied to my Vista 20P. I use an external contact (Normally closed). I like the Honeywell/Resideo for the RF connectivity and tamper/supervision.

            To communicate between Homeseer and the Vista, I use Vista Plug-in to Homeseer using an AD2USB interface. Rock solid with great support from Mark and Sean respectively.

            If you are a Honeywell/Resideo Junkie this will make sense

            1. They are programmed as type 23 Zones (No alarm response) - This means the gates will not cause an intrusion alarm. However I can use them to trigger a relay.
            2. I have a virtual relay 4209 in the AD2USB. One relay for each of the two gates.
            3. I have output to the relay based on the state of the type 23 zones. Fault => closed, Restore => open

            Then homeseer triggers off the virtual relay contacts. That allows me to trigger the Eco 700.

            Right now I am just doing the basic tone (different for east and west).

            What I need want to do:

            1. I want to implement a loud alarm when it is open for more than a minute. We have dogs and I do not want them to get out. They can handle the Coyotes but not the Javelina.

            2. Furthermore, once the Vista is armed for the night, I want to trigger a different notification that someone is in the backyard.

            Like I said, convoluted, but it works.



              Nice! Thanks for the description. I don't have an alarm panel and have been looking for something z-wave to work directly with HS, not much out there. I like the logic you put into it too.