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    system recovery

    My hard drive crashed. The good news is I use rotating backup.txt. it runs winzip every night and compreses the entire homeseer directory to another hard drive. the bad news is... I installed the demo of homeseer 1.7 and then unzipped all my backup stuff into it... and i'm still running in demo mode. all my liscenses gone...all my devices gone...!!!

    hmm. shoulda imaged the drive!!


      Restoring HS

      Stevech, Woah, be nice here If I felt I lost everything, and read your response, looking for help, I would certainly not be laughing. The whole Shoulda/Coulda/Woulda thing hehehehhe

      There have been MANY discussions about restoring HS from a backup file.

      In the past, I did the same as you did, the exact opposite of what HST recommends that you should do. According to HST,you should unzip that backup file back to your default dir, "c:\program files\HomeSeer\. Then, AFTER that is in place, you should THEN reinstall HS to that dir. From what I have read, the new install will not overwrite your personal settings, and will just fill in the gaps.

      As for your devices, if you have a complete dir of the HS dir before the crash you should be ok. If you still do not see your devices, you should still be able to get them back.

      From HS go to the file pulldown, and choose "open" browse to the HS dir and look for your configuration file. Choose open and you should be back in business with all of your devices and events back in place.

      As for the registration, that is not backed up with the zipping of the HS folder, as it is stored in the Registry, and you will need to manually enter your registration code again. Hopefully you have it in an email somewhere from when you registered. As a VERY last resort, you can open a help desk ticket and provide them with as much information about when you registered, the email address at the time, and any other information you can provide. Give it some time as they will have to dig into the archives and manually find your reg code. As the software is absolutely free for anyone to download, and use for 30 days, it is the key itself that is what you paid for, and should be kept in a safe place. If you find the code, or they provide it to you again, take that code and write it down somewhere, or save it to a text file to a floppy, CD or some other medium away from the machine itself for future reference. HS will do their best to find it for you, but ultimately it is our responsibility to store that information.

      Hard drive crashes happen to all of us, and when it does, it can overburden the HST staff trying to go back, track down, and replace lost unlock codes for those of us that have lost them for some reason or another. I know this from experience, as I lost my unlock code for HSP, and it took some time before Karen was able to provide it to me again.

      You have done the major step, in having at the most, a day old complete back of HS. From there its just the small details to get back in business again.
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