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    Which Alarm System


    It's time to add an alarm to our house but there seems to be a few different ones available and before I commit I would like to see what others are doing.

    I already have a W800 which controls all my motion sensors and a couple of security devices such as the big red button, door/windows sensors, break glass sensor, the motion sensors, W800 are all US spec even though I'm in the UK so they all transmit/recieve at 310MHz

    My requirements are:
    1. Intergrates to HS, would want to arm/disarm from MainLobby as well as the security remotes.
    2. Wireless
    3. Dials out when alarm has been activated

    Options so far:
    1. SC9000 or SC2800 but the 9000 looks like its the newer model and can control more devices.

    1. The SC9000 seems to be for Europe so will my W800 be able to recieve the commands from the motion sensors (MS90), door/window sensors (DS90), key chain remote (KR21), smoke detectors etc.... or will I need a Europe spec one as well.

    Think that that is it for now?


    If your W800 is US spec then you will need a Euro spec one for a european SC9000. The frequency for Europe is 433Mhz. You might like to take a look at this site, they do an X10 compatible alarm system which can also dial out and has an RS232 link as well.
    Something else to consider is that should you have a power cut will the proposed alarm system still function.
    I have a Lynteck Nexus wireless alarm (no telephone dial out, but is available via an extra module) and is completely seperate from my HA system, since if there is a power cut the alarm will still function. I know it will lasts at least 9 hours with out mains power, I was without power for 9 hours during a bad rain storm (ah the joys of living in Spain). The alarm does have a serial link, but haven't investigated this yet, so it might be possible to interface it to HS.
    Hope this helps


      Toscal - Thanks, I had sort of guessed about the W800, but if I need two that's not really a problem as I seem to remember a thread about having two recievers on one PC.

      Does anybody intergrate thier alarm into HS?



        You probably know this, but Jon's excellent W800 plugin can REPLACE a security console. It works w/ all the detector devices, the sirens, AND the security remotes.


        1. Relies on running PC.
        2. Wireless system (the experts prefer wired).
        3. Dialing out MAY require HSP (I've had it so long I don't remember).

        If you can live with the above, put the PC on a UPS and get one of those package security deals from X-10 (or by the piece from - Martin's price on the security motion sensors beat x-10's 3 for 1 price and he ships internationally.)

        Somewhere Jon stated something similar to: "the W800 plugin is designed to REPLACE the DS7000 (US X-10 security console) with more funtionality".

        So, other than getting the sirens to work on 220 - it seems you already have most of what you are looking for.

        Caveat: I just got a DS7000 setup and have NOT set it up with the W800. What I said, I based on what I read here.

        Hope I didn't miss the point, again.



          Hello again,
          Have you thought of a Napco Gemini, this has a Homeseer plugin. Don't know of any UK/European distributor though.
          Another option could be to build one from scratch and base it around an Ocelot and a few add on modules, connect the power supply to a stand alone UPS and it should run for quite some time if there is a power cut. Plus the Ocelot requires approx 12Vdc and most wired PIR etc also require 12v dc.


            GLT - Thanks for the excellent suggestion but I'm not sure if I'm ready to put house security in the hands of a Windows PC!!! My wife has requested the alarm so whilst the HA gloves have come off, if I mess up, my addiction could be over?

            Tocsal - Is the Napco Gemini, the Caddx? If so I have actually asked an alarm company if they cant source on here in the UK if they will fit one that I supply?


              Don't actually know. A google on Caddx took me to a GE site.
              Found this info on the Napco via a quick google
              Now I've seen this alarm well the keypad at least in some buildings in Spain, so there might be a european distributor. I'm doing another google as I write.
              Here we are;
              NAPCO Group Europe
              224 Europa Boulevard, Gemini Business Park
              Warrington WA5 7TN England
              UK 44 (0) 1925 242428 UKFAX: 44 (0) 1925 242429
              EURO FAX +631 789 3343
              Good luck


                Napco and Caddx are two separate companies. Caddx is now owned by GE, so you see it listed as GE Caddx in some places. Both Napco and Caddx have plug-ins for HomeSeer.

                I have no idea if a Caddx unit is appropriate for use in UK, I suspect wireless stuff would be an issue. I am pretty sure that Martin ships internationally.