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    Originally posted by Rupp
    When you stated you got what ever they had in stock are you speaking of a UPS, filter, or new power supply?
    Power supply. Don't recall how much I spent on it as that was around 2 years ago but I do remember it wasn't very expensive and I've been very happy with it. I just checked to see what brand it is and the only thing that's on there is a CompUSA sticker.
    Hey, it was cheaper than a filter or UPS. That plus putting in a new power supply really isn't that hard. One or two lines to the mother board, at most probably only 5 lines to the drives (that's if you have a couple hard drives, a couple CD/DVD drives, and a floppy), four screws plus however many you have to pull out to get your case open (none if you're a tinkerer who never bothers putting them back on) and the power cable and you're done.