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HomeKit Plugin - Homebridge-Homeseer4

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    HomeKit Plugin - Homebridge-Homeseer4

    For those of you who use my homebridge plugin (Homebridge-Homeseer4), I'm working on a big code cleanup (updating the code to more "modern" javascript which has resulted in a fairly significant decrease in code size). The idea is to have code that is more maintainable / readable so others can contribute to it if they want (though I do think its pretty much feature complete).

    Problem is, I don't use HomeSeer much anymore, so before I release the code as a general release, I need some volunteers to test it.

    If you're willing to give it a test, here's what to do . . .

    First, be sure you're running at least Version 16 of node. If you aren't, you'll need to update that

    Then . . .

    From the config-ui-x interface , go to your plugins settings, then for the Homeseer4 plugin, choose the tool, then "install Previous Version"

    Then from the Previous Version menu, select the 1.0.25-beta.2

    Give it a try and report back if it works.

    I'm particularly interested in someone testing with Z-wave dimmers - ramping 0 - 100% on the iOS app, and 0-99 in HomeSeer. Does all behave as expected?


      I'm relatively new to Homebridge and your plug-in, but why not, I'll give it a shot! I've got some Z-Wave dimmers even.


        Got it installed and did some quick tests ... no issues with the dimmers.


          latest "release" version is now 1.0.30