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Smart TV Sony Bravia integration

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    Smart TV Sony Bravia integration

    Just bought the latest the greatest from Sony from Costco. The 77" OLED smart TV by Sony model A80CJ

    Does anyone has experience integrating it with HomeSeer? I want to be able to turn it on and display images from the front door camera when someone is ringing the bell.

    Needless to say that the doorbell is already integrated in HS so that I can trigger an event.

    Thanks in advance,

    To control the TV test this plug-in : and for everything else try this :

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      You can also try the free MediaController Plugin. Haven't looked at Sony for a few years so not sure it will still recognize all functions but it used to be pretty supportive



        Thanks for the links. My Sony Bravia A80CJ TV is 2021 model so I think that HS3 plug-in that is maybe 5 to 10 years old may not do the job. The second link is more promising and I looked carefully at it and saw your past postings there. I also posted my questions there but didn't get good answers so far beyond your advise that "I should expect to get my hands dirty".

        Following your advise I did online research and found out that Sony Bravia A80CJ is Google TV enabled TV and actually Google TV is re-branded Android TV hence it is an Android device. I was able to download and install tinycam pro on it.

        I also purchased this 5MP camera from Amazon because it does support two way audio that I need and ONVIF that is needed to work with tinycam pro.

        I will play with it and let everyone know how it goes from here.


          Here are first results

          1. Camera is SV3C brand 5 Mp camera that supports "ONVIF Profile S" , "RTSP" and "P2P" protocols and the audio codec is G711.
          2. Tiny Cam Pro successfully deployed on the TV.
          3. SV3C does have it's own android app, however it doesn't show available on the TV (obviously Google TV that runs the TV is selective which apps to approve, fortunately tiny cam is approved.)
          4. Managed to connect Tiny Cam Pro to my SV3C camera. I can see the video stream.
          5. Tiny Cam is feature rich indeed (worth the $4 spent). Motion detection does work. Allegedly, it will recognize humans, cars, animals and even faces. Works for humans, the rest is yet to be tested.

          Outstanding problems

          1. Can't make Tiny Cam turn on TV when motion is detected. Not sure Tine Cam runs when the TV is off. Not sure how to verify and change that.
          2. No two way audio.


            Problem 1 above solved.
            TinyCam sends web hook to HS4 ( running Big6 plug-in) and Big6 triggers HS4 event.
            HS4 event uses Big6 again to do HTTP POST that turns on the TV and shows the image/sound on TV.
            Another HS4 event turns off the TV screen after certain timeout without a motion.
            Fortunately Sony Bravia has published a good description of their REST API that I'm using.
            It is quite complex as it uses special protocol JSON-RPC and requires authentication. Fortunately Big6 got me covered with everything including the authentication.
            Last but not least tinycam has "run in the background" mode so that it is always running even when the TV screen is off.