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    create scene

    hi all, im new here.
    I can't seems to find a way to create a scene (like "movie time" where all lights goes off except living room and kitchen light dim at 20%)

    I want the scene to be an action (if saterday 10PM, turn on "movie time")
    and also scene to be a trigger (if the scene movie time goes on, then do XYZ)

    the plugin SceneMaster seems to be the thing. but I simply can't get my head around it. can't do anything with it.
    any guidance would be appreciated.


    in Homeseer these are called Events. Check out the event clinic here:
    It was written for HS3 but applies to HS4, but looks different. It is currently being rewritten for HS4.
    Hope this helps you get started.


      Hi gonzo007 Welcome to the community. IMHO, stay away from SceneMater. It's a very old plugin and I don't think it's really supported anymore. A common way to "get the feel" of scenes is to create a "virtual device" to control the scene state (i.e. on or off).

      You would create 2 events to accomplish what you described above.

      1. If the time is 10PM AND IF the day is Saturday THEN Turn on 'movie time' (or whatever you called the virtual device)
      2. If Device 'movie time' changes and becomes On THEN "do XYZ" actions. (i.e. Set lights, etc).

      Take a look at the EasyTrigger plugin as well. It has a device grouping feature which makes setting scenes a lot easier.

      Feel free to ask questions.


        kenm ,
        thanks for the reply (and thanks Kevb too!)
        I create a virtual device. but how do I add many dimmers in it and set their desired state (on/off,dim at 20%...)?
        I already have the easytrigger plugin. I just can't figure out how it works. I can create a group called "movie" but where do I add many dimmers in it and set their desired state (on/off,dim at 20%...)?

        I feel dumb.. such basic questions I got working within minutes with hubitat, but been hours with HS and havent made any progress


          You don't add the dimmers to the virtual device, you create an event that triggers when the virtual device is turned on or off. The actions of the event are where you set the state of your dimmers. Let's not complicate it with EasyTrigger for now. We can use ET later.


            hum, ok. but how do I create my "movie time" scene where all lights go off except 2-3 that dim at different level?


              In the "action" area of the event you would have multiple actions of type "Control Device". Some actions would turn off the lights you want off and additional actions would dim the lights you want dimmed.


                Something like this:
                Click image for larger version

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