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    Email Timer Value

    What is the method for emailing the value on a timer? I want to know how long the timer reports my household generator ran.
    HS4Pro on Windows 10
    One install with 2 Ethernet Z-nets
    2nd install with 1 Ethernet Z-net
    300 devices, 250 events, 8 scripts
    6 CT-100 tstats
    Serial IT-100 interface to DSC Panel with 8 wired zones
    18 Fortrezz water sensors & two valve controls

    The way I have sent timer info via email is using replacement variables.

    First in the Setup->General screen you need to make sure "Create Devices for Counters and Timers" is checked.

    Then you can incorporate it in an email subject with something like this as an example:

    Generator has been running for $$DVR:999:

    Where 999 is the device number.