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Message Server "where is it?" HSC Coomands

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    Message Server "where is it?" HSC Coomands

    Question one. Where do you get the message sever that eveyone is up on?
    Question two. Can someone answer my earlier request for info an complete HSC Command Line syntax?
    I would like to be to
    hsc -x A All Lights On
    Also would like to use HSC to get status info just like you can
    in scripts commands.
    Documentation for HS seems thin. Either that I just need to have everything spelled out for me in detail and do not asume anything. But I do hack away and try different ways to do invoke hsc commands and the only things I have be able to get to work or the commands that are in the
    doc file. But that is only 4 or 5 things.

    I answered your HSC question in the other thread.

    Message Server is available through the updater. Select "Updates" from your HomeSeer Help menu, select it, then click the "Install" button. See the message server forum for more information.

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