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Anybody Running the Beta Z-Wave Plugin?

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    Originally posted by shill View Post
    Lots of different feedback posts here:

    I just need the PluginFunction to work properly when trying to update LED light status colors on WX-200/300 switches...
    Originally posted by rjh View Post
    I have created an issue for us to look into this.
    One step forward with 4.0.1: the change now goes through successfully and the LED changes color and the function no longer goes into an infinite wait state with no response. Unfortunately, it throws a timeout exception 30 seconds later:

    7/10/2022 7:58:40 AM
    Error while executing PluginFunction Configuration_Set with 5 parameters - Timeout occured. Did not receive a response.

    So it holds up my system for 30 seconds (If I choose to wait for it to finish) and peppers my log with errors.


      Originally posted by Bigstevep View Post
      Added node removed a node no issues. Earlier I updated the firmware on two HSM200 devices no issues. After new plugin install no luck after many try’s on the third one (same Znet same location plug next to the Znet). Everything else seems fine. I think that controller management selection should be at least on the remove node/add node screens. It ok if you only have one controller (Znet) but if you have more (I have three) you have to go to one screen to change the controller then out and then go to the add/remove so the controller is correct. Currently it works no issue the way it is but having the ability to change controllers without going in and out would be great.
      I have the same issue with the HSM200. Mine are still at firmware 1.4 and I attempted to update to current 1.10 firmware and it will not do it. It just says 'uploading' and never does anything else. I have to disable the z-wave plugin to make the failed firmware upgrade abort. I have tried setting the HSM200 beside my Smartstick G3 and that has no effect. I'd guess that the firmware upgrade in the new Z-wave plugin is not operational.


        Hi. I migrated over to the beta and I have some questions. First I have some devices that are on a polling schedule and I'd like to disable the polling. I can't figure out how to do that in the beta. In addition I have a primary and secondary z-wave controller. Prior to the beta, I had my devices split between the interfaces which made everything run more smoothly. Now everything is going though the primary controller and the network is sluggish. Nothing I can do to fix as as the option has been removed from the device settings tab. Any advice?


          My primary issue -- and it might be just the UI -- is that we used to have a nice clean way, per device, to do a z-wave association with another (or Homeseer itsef). I have yet to find that in the new UI...