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    2 questions.

    The first question is probably a pretty dumb one. I just got one of the cheap x-10 low light cameras and the connection on it looks like a phone jack instead of an rca jack like I thought it would. I'm just wondering how I connect this to a video input card. Are there adapters? Is there something specific I can plug the camera into that the plug is made for?

    The 2nd thing I wanted to know about is where to find a good multi-camera recording card. I want something to handle a few wired cameras and a few wireless ones (outdoor use). I'll be starting out with 3-4 cameras and maybe moving up to more than that once I move, but not any time soon. Any suggestions?


    Edit: For the camera capture, I'd like to be able to see all of the cameras at once, and probably be able to record ones where a motion sensor is activated through homeseer.

    That camera with the "phone looking" jack should have come with and extension cord that it plugs into. This extension cord has on the other end 3 wires. One for video, one for audio, an one for power. The video and audio connections are RCA the power is a female connection that a power supply plugs into.

    As far as multiple inputs goes there are basically 2 routes. A multiple input graphics card like this or an external video switcher like this .
    I want one of the ASELPRO's but need to wait until I get a few more funds.
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      Doesn't somebody also sell a stand-alone device with an in-built web server that can capture multiple cameras and stream them when somebody connects to the web server? Not sure how much these cost, but I like the idea as it totally offloads video encode and streaming from the HS PC...



        quite a few video servers (digitizer + web server) boxes on the market. Prices have come down a lot. A friend of mine bought one on eBay from an outfit importing them from a marginally successful Asian company. It has 4 channels and an ActiveX and Java control from the client side. Works OK - it was really cheap for being 4 channel.

        Check out the one sold by SuperCircuits - it's pretty cheap an still in production.
        $250. But I remember seeing one for closer to $125 or so.

        Note too that the network cams are getting cheap - cam with an ethernet or WiFi connection built in. But beware the camera quality - CMOS vice CCD - if you need it to cope with indoor/outdoor ranges.