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Dimming a light with an Aeon Minimote

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    Dimming a light with an Aeon Minimote

    I've got a couple of 4-button Aeon minimotes that I use to control dimmer switches in various rooms. For example, I have one handy at my desk that lets me adjust the lighting in my office to one of 4 levels with a button press (1 = off, 2 = 8%, 3 = 40%, 4 = 100%).

    What'd I'd really like to do, however, is to be able to use the hold button events on the minimote to dim the lighting up or down in increments. If I press and hold any of the 4 buttons, lights will flash at about 3Hz on the minimote as long as the button is held. I suspect it is sending events on each light pulse.

    On the HomeSeer end, I have events that fire on Button 3 Long Pressed. However, this event only seems to get processed by HomeSeer when I release the button, regardless of how long it is held. I can't tell if HomeSeer is getting intermediate button held events and ignoring them, or the device isn't transmitting anything at all while the button is held (although the Aeotec documentation suggests that scenes can be dimmed in this manner).

    Has anyone figured out a way to get this kind of held button behavior working with the minimotes or other similar controllers?

    Can you see when the button was first pressed as well as when the you stopped pressing the button?
    You might need to do a double press, where the second press is a long press. HomeSeer would see both and you could use the time difference between the two to determine the length of the press as so set the amount to dim.


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      The single (short) press event only gets sent on release, similarly to the long press.

      I wonder if some other event is being sent during the flashing LED cycle that isn't visible within HomeSeer.


        Does anyone know if there's a way to view the raw communication stream between the device and HomeSeer?