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HomeSeer doesn't relay commands

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  • Rupp
    They don't respond to commands relayed from my W800RF32
    Do you have retransmit to the power line on the house code(s) you are sending to the W800? If not HS will only receive these codes and not send them to the power line.

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  • michael.davis
    started a topic HomeSeer doesn't relay commands

    HomeSeer doesn't relay commands

    I have some inconsistent behaviors on my powerline network affecting my Compose and X10 devices. I can't pin down the causes, but some seem to be within HS itself.


    Numerous Compose dimmers (CC) programmed as both Compose and X10 devices don't transmit the correct status changes and/or repsond to HS generated commands.


    The Compose devices, 4 dimmers in the basement, were reset and carefuly configured as X10 Mode devices. They don't respond to commands relayed from my W800RF32. The commands are logged as received by HS but the devices do not respond. Issuing commands directly from the HS GUI or Web page results in correct actions. The powerline interface is TI103 with the .19 plug-in.

    I reconfigured one of the Compose devices as a Compose CI device. Immediately after doing so the Compose plug-in reported that it had found the device. The Compose Scenes Configuration panel showed it as a CI device. I restarted HS. Then the device was turned on manually. HS logged the action as Preset 17 and showed the status as off. The device was turned off manually and the action was logged as Preset 16. Then an RF command was issued. HS logged the command as L13 Off, but the device didn't respond (like those in X10 mode).

    I have another Compose CC device, in another part of the house, that exhibbits simialr behavior. It transmits On events but not Off events.

    I have a Leviton Repeater-Bridge installed, testing at the devices shows signals in the > 100 range, and the devices reliably respond to commands from the GUI. The W800RF32 is programmed to Emulate and Retransmit the related housecode.

    I haven't discovered how to generate a Poll Status command from the Compose plug-in, so I can't produce a state-by-state log.

    I'm not sure where to report this stuff. I've seen similar threads in the Compose arena, but can't figure out the common denominator.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.