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Honeywell Zwave Thermostat TH6320ZW2003 T6

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    Thanks for this info -- wish I knew this when diagnosing with Honeywell who ended up replacing all 3 thermostats with what looks like the same one (version 4.61 (ZDK 6.71.1) but with upgraded firmware from the original. They never even mentioned this other model an I worked with them for over a month on the issue. wow. Yep -- can't seem to find the 2007 version. Will have to keep an eye out for it. thanks again!!


      Hi there --
      Certainly appreciate your information regarding the 2003 vs 2007 Honeywell T6 Thermostat models.
      I had to turn off logging on my 2003 models as the humidity was being recorded several times a minute reflecting the sensitivity of the humidity sensor. Your advice regarding the 2007 model prompted me to buy them as replacements to the 2003.

      I just installed the 2007 model with software / firmware as referenced above. It's doing the same thing -- at least for the first hour of install. In the manual, I noted that ISU 1426 says that you can adjust the humidity reporting threshold -- (i'd set it to 10%) - there's no place to set it on the thermostat itself and I'm not seeing any parameters in my HS4 Zwave configuration screens. If I knew the parameter number and size, i could set it manually. But I don't have the parameter number. The ISU is defaulting to 1%.

      I'm not using the secured mode.

      Any suggestions?
      thanks so much


        I have 6 of the TH6320ZW2003 (Firmware 1.4.9, zwave 4.61) but I'm not seeing the flood of humidity reports. I'm on battery (no c wire) so that might be a difference BUT I can change the "Z-Wave Humidity resolution" both on the menu of the thermostat and by adjusting the zwave parameter 45.

        By the menu - Menu, Zwave Setup, Hum Report, and then adjusting between 1% and 5%

        If I retrieve parameter 45 on the root device I see the corresponding change (1 thru 5)

        Looking at the z-wave alliance site I see that parameters 44 and 45 were added for the TH6320ZW2007 but they must have also been added to an updated firmware version of the 2003 device ​

        500 series T6 - TH6320ZW2003 -
        700 series T6 - TH6320ZW2007 -


          AWESOME --- Got it to work -- yeah -- and thank you!