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Recommendation for best gen 7 zwave lock

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    Recommendation for best gen 7 zwave lock

    Need to replace older lock that’s become unreliable. I’m only interested in Gen 7 zwave….a dead bolt.

    Sometimes you have to test things yourself... try this :

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      Originally posted by Eman View Post
      Sometimes you have to test things yourself... try this :

      Too bad they don't seem to offer it as a door lock instead of as a dead bolt, the fingerprint reader looks fantastic and easier than using codes for people.


        Just need GEN 7 z-wave first...IP, BT, fingerprint...all really nice, but my goal is one system not dependent on anything else and running locally...even if my router is down.


          I do not think many people have that much experience with z-wave 700 series here. That is just a guess , based on on the fact that there may be issues with the z-wave plugin, I am not sure how generic is the z-wave plugin with new devices.
          Also there are not so many zwave plus version2 (700) lock released

          If I was in the need of a new lock I would buy it from amazon (or a place I can easily return them) and return it if there is an issue with the plugin.

          I see this one


            I know this doesn't cover your request exactly, but the info may be useful.

            First, +1 on what pistacheL0 said about Amazon. Almost everything HA related, I have gotten from Amazon specifically because of the return policy. They take stuff back no questions asked, and have even done so for me beyond the normal 30 day policy if I spoke to a customer service rep.

            I use a Schlage Connect that I bought from Amazon. As a matter of fact, they replaced it immediately because the first one had a cosmetic flaw.

            I didn't experience any of the inclusion issues that have been reported, nor did it need to be placed "close" to the Z-Stick+ G2.

            And it works even when the router is down.

            BLLock works great for entering/editing user codes, which I do through HSTouch that is running mostly on Fire HD tablets (obviously tablets need wi-fi - the router needs to be up to do it this way).

            No cloud, no wi-fi, no worries.

            Just my $0.02, and as always, YMMV...


              jgreenberg01 - THANKS! I have 3 of the SCHLAGE BE469NX's. They are the most unreliable things in my network. They are a far earlier version. I hope to get chance to look at a couple Yale Gen 7 locks today. They also look like the zwave module can be dyi upgraded with new electronics. I like the physical style of the SCHLAGE's better though. Schlage looks like their "J" series like the SCHLAGE JBE109 is Gen 7.

              It also took me a bit that things with the 700 series chip are now officially referred to as "Z-wave Plus Version 2" ...Google works far better finding that

              Blurb I found that I'm sure most know...

              Z-Wave Plus V2, also known as 700 Series or Gen7, builds on the work that began with Z-Wave Plus and the incremental improvements of S2 and SmartStart. From the firmware to the chips themselves, Gen7 brings massive increases in wireless range, vastly superior security, faster operation and all while decreasing power consumption yet again.

              The 700 series edition of Z-Wave Plus chips and modules offer major advantages over older versions of Z-Wave in a lot of different categories. End users will notice them the most in wireless speed and improved battery life. Developers will notice them the most in the improved wireless range and the improved memory.

              Z-Wave Plus V2 extended features include:
              • Greater Range - significant increase in range, now more than 200m (clear air)
              • Lower Power Requirements - up to 10 years battery life
              • More RF Output Power - up to +13 dBm
              • Easier Inclusion & Exclusion of devices - Network-wide Inclusion and SmartStart features now mandatory
              • Security - security first by design, encryption, ecdh and other improvements
              • Firmware Updates - Over the Air firmware updates (OTA) now mandatory
              • Frequency Flexible - Built in SAW Filter allows one device to support multiple Z-Wave frequencies
              • Improved Performance - 700 series chips now ARM Cortex M4 based using faster CPU, more menory and greater storage

              All in all Z-Wave Plus V2 offers even more features that will increase the reliability, stability and performance of your Smart Home, but as with the move from normal Z-Wave to Z-Wave Plus, expectations should be tempered somewhat if your existing Z-Wave controller only supports Z-Wave Plus and your existing devices are a mixture of Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus.