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    Hardware suggestions

    So, we just recently purchased a HomeTroller Pro and am looking to start buying more components and figured this would be the best place to inquire about which are decent and most compatible with HS4.
    • Door Locks - We currently have simple Schlage branded normal locks, but would like the deadbolts upgraded to smart locks. We would also like them rekey'd to work with the existing keys we have, but we don't think that requires me to stick with Schlage brand smart locks. In out old house, our alarm system came with an ok smart lock (zwave, five number buttons sharing 2 numbers each, and a lock button) and we got used to being able to unlock the door from the driveway or otw home.
    • Video Doorbell and Cameras - I'm looking for snappy response, decent video (hdr, night vision, etc), recording (local preferred, even if more hardware needed). Package detection and identification of individuals a plus.
    • Termostats & Vents - We'd definitely like support for humidity detection, so we can use a smart plug to automate the dehumidifier we currently use. And pressure detection on the smart vents to avoid any issues for the HVAC system.

    We already have MyQ garage door system, a couple Roborock vacuums (Xiaomi connected to Alexa atm), a couple Samsung smart TVs, a Visio smart TV, and a slew of amazon devices (multiple Fire Sticks, a Fire Recast, and an Echo). Any info/problems with this stuff would be helpful too!


    Have no idea how to start to help you. I'm a newbie, too. I would say that if you are already used to Schlage Z-Wave locks, get them. If you have Fire Sticks, the ring doorbell works great with them. And/Or can put a door sensor on your old doorbell and use it to trigger events when your doorbell rings. If you want to control your lights, the WX300 is an awesome replacement switch. I can be used as a switch or a dimmer. Not only that, it can be used as a remote control by tapping on or off up to 5 times and us those taps to control things. If that's not enough, you can also use the indicator lights individually to indicate different things like specific doors or windows open, For your garage door, there is a plug-in for HS that works with the MyQ system. And you don't have to stick with ZWave. You can can use WiFi and ZigBee devices, too. The beauty of Homeseer above everything else out there is that it works with almost everything out there. I started with X-10. Now I have Zwave, ZigBee and WiFi devices. Pretty much anything you can think of, you can do with Homeseer.


      I have used Schlage for a long time and have had good success. I have them on every door in the house. For what it's worth I find no use to use a physical key. The keypad works great and the batteries last a long time. HS allows you to monitor battery life so its easy to tell when you need to change them. I set them up to automatically lock 15 min after they are unlocked, so the house is always locked. On a couple of frequently used doors, I set the interval to 1 hour. Obviously, there are lots of options for how you set them up. If you go this route do not use the beta z-wave plugin (4.x). I was unable to add the locks. The 3.x plugin is very stable. I have not shopped locks in a while so I don't know if there is a better alternative.

      Are the cameras for security? Do you have the ability to go with hardwired cameras? I do not and have been struggling with what to use. Not sure any wifi camera is a good option for security. I use ring doorbell cams because they are cheap and easy. Very good for what they are.

      I don't run audio/video gear through HS.