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New J Series Schlage Locks Don't Seem to add correctly

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    New J Series Schlage Locks Don't Seem to add correctly

    Anybody using one of these? Mine is specifically the JBE109.

    It had a really hard time adding. Every time I got this message.

    Node 14 does not support the manufacturer specific command class - it is either a really old device or there was a communications problem.

    It "seems" to be working fine, so far.

    This is a brand-new z-wave plus version 2 (700 chip) lock

    HS4 Pro Edition (Windows)
    Z-Wave BETA

    Two things to try:

    Go back to the latest 3.X Z-wave plugin, there are issues with the 4.x beta and adding locks (even 500-series) that's been reported in the forums.
    If it still doesn't work with the 3.X Z-wave then you need to file a report with HST since it's 700-series device.


      TC1 - As always thanks! I had enough z-wave control rules that broke going to the 4.x.x.x beta I'm a bit worried about backing down now. I will report it anyway since they are working on the new plugin as well. Actually, I've had older Schlege locks for years and they been more unstable than anything else I've had all along.

      It's clearly not added right since when I go the z-wave tan it says...

      Failed to get data from Offline Open Z-Wave Database Device not found in the open Z-Wave database