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    Originally posted by kenm View Post

    If it is truly silent, it may not be using a relay for switching the load. In that case, be very careful as to what kind of load you put on the device. i.e. Don't put anything with a motor on it.
    Just a small pet fountain water pump motor. 9 watts. Not truly silent very slight click. Just silent when compared to an X10 appliance module!


      Originally posted by SteveW View Post

      Interesting, because it has some bad reviews on Amazon; specifically mentioning that, when used with Homeseer, it's power reporting feature doesn't work, doesn't properly report status, turns itself off, etc.
      I just put a fibaro on my system.

      Including it was a pain, had to get it right beside the zwave interface.

      Otherwise it included fine, reports power usage and hasn't ever turned itself off.

      I have it powering a water Distiller, mostly for power monitoring to tell me when the distiller is finished.